Better way to eat mandarin oranges


This is brilliant!

wait. Mandarin oranges don’t grow in a can??!?


I am intensely skeptical to this. You’ll have to run the risk of cutting the boats open twice, and you have to peel off each individually. I’m much more comfortable with a short period of putting some effort into peeling and not having to think of it while I eat my delicious mandarin, than making a small extra effort the whole time I’m eating it.


Orange you glad we didn’t see banana?

Just look at them pips.


My wife eats all citrus fruit like a grapefruit, slice in half and dig it out…
She’s weird about some things.

“Hey, let’s take the easiest citrus fruit to peel and mess up a knife and cutting board to eat it!”

Nuts. This is a great idea for oranges or grapefruit. But for clementines? Just nuts.


Exactly. The whole point of clementines/mandarins is that they are easy to peel. Unless there is evidence that it works with naval oranges and the like, what’s the point?


Exactly. Another answer to a problem that never existed.


Haters gonna hate.


OK, serious question: Why is this better? I eat my mandarins by sectioning and then popping them in my mouth one lith* at a time. Leaving the rind on to be peeled off individually just seems like adding an extra step to each discrete eating event, not to mention requiring two hands where one was sufficient before (and yes, I eat pre-peeled mandarins while driving).

*Hey, I never get to use that word in conversation, so go with it, OK?


I like to carefully peel my mandarin in one contiguous spiral. Then I eat the fruit, spit out the seeds, place them inside the reconstructed empty shell of the rind, superglue it all back together and wait for the next mandarin to grow back inside it.


By Jove, these hipsters are a clever lot, what?


Nothing new was learned here today.

They are very often not that easy to peel, et least not the variety I keep getting.

Easier to peel than oranges, yes, bot those I simply section with a knife, take them at the rind and eat them kinda like a melon, but bite off/suck in the juice part and leave the skin with the rind.

The original “fruit by the foot”!

That’s some Satsuma

Wait, what are mandarins and clementines?! Are you guys talking about Cuties^TM?


OK, I tried this with a mandarin and a grapefruit. The mandarin worked well for my 4 year-old, who loved his “orange caterpillar”. He finished it without creating to much mess, which was nice. Doing the same with grapefruits has the benefit that the pith often separates as you’re pulling the fruit apart, so it’s not as hard to eat the flesh and you can sprinkle sugar on if that’s how you like grapefruit. On the other hand, now you need a large plate and your hands get covered in juice.


Sorry, Nathan Myhrvold owns the patent on this.