Best way to cut open a pomegranate



Can’t wait to try it… Our little tree pumped out a bunch of fruit this year.


I would call this “a consummately skilled pomegranate opener demonstrating his admirable ability”.

Just try making that first cut without nicking any seeds and you’ll see what I mean!

PS: the point of doing it underwater is to keep the juice from flying around. This guy doesn’t need to do that; he’s practiced enough that he only gets a few drops of juice on one thumb.


I have a Granada and a Wonderful in large pots, will be trying to prune them to single stems this winter.

I would call this “a consummately skilled pomegranate opener demonstrating his admirable ability with a specialized knife”.

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Those little pomegranate seeds get everywhere.

The supermarket sometimes has little pamphlets with the pomegranates that pretty much demonstrate this exact technique, though I do appreciate this display of skill.

Ever since I read a Greek myth about the “fruit of the dead” and learning they were pomegranates, my mom gets me one every Christmas. The thing is - how do you all eat them?

The seeds are just too big for me to swallow. I usually end up taking a mouthful of seeds, chewing, sucking all the juice and some pulp, and then spit the remains in the trash.

Is there a better way?

In salads, mostly. A simple green salad with feta, pomegranate and your choice of vinaigrette is good, or go with a sumac/mint dressing. Couscous or chickpeas work well with them too, or go all cheffy and do a steak with sumac & pomegranate reduction or a pomegranate-glazed chook.

Last time I had them was with spinach/rocket, avocado, toasted almonds and fennel.

Turn it into grenadine, add orange juice, and tequila - wah-la tequila sunrise!


I get all the seeds out, then dig into the pile in with a spoon. Reminds me a little of breakfast cereal.

Looks like a pretty standard bird’s beak knife, one of several standard shapes for paring knives. Its also pretty common with “garden”, “pruning” or “mushroom” knives used for outdoor work. As well as linoleum knives, and a bunch of different carving and workshop knives. I’m mean his is a bit more hooked than most of knives of this sort you’ll run into for kitchen use, but there’s nothing particularly specialized about it.

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Just chew the seeds, your teeth should do fine with grinding up the pit. They can be a bit gritty, honestly, but its not much different than eating any given nut.

Though when I’m feeling extra gross I like to go one at a time, chew the fruit off the pit, and spit the pit aggressively around the back yard, then repeat till it stops being fun.


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