How to cut a bell pepper without getting seeds everywhere


I was really hoping for something I didn’t already do.

Cut straight down one side, across the bottom and up the other side. Then cut a square in the top around the stem, split the pepper in half, grab the stem and pull out the structure holding the seeds. There may be a few seeds left, but probably about the same as this method.

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Up next: A life hack on how to eat an apple by biting off chunks and chewing them, leaving the core.

I’m sure there’s already a YouTube channel for videos like that. The only question is whether it’s sincere or ironic.


But… why would you want to cut it in the first place?

It’s not news, it’s!

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It killed my brother!


Can I make a suggestion, Mark? Leave all that stuff in - the seeds, the whitish, spongy stuff, all of it. Just cut out the stem.

You’ll find that your feijoada and your curries have better/more flavour. Bonus: all that fiber!

/darn! I’m hungry now…


Exactly. The seeds are where the flavor and heat are most concentrated. A jalapeno served without seeds, for instance, is a mild tasting abomination.


Aka Jacques Pepin on PBS about 8 times a week

A nice gentleman shared with me this video (after sharing link in Google+):
How to Cut A Bell Pepper - Gordon Ramsay
Please consider it too. =)


If I used this method I would still get seeds everywhere. :frowning:

This seems to be targeting the people found in the black & white parts of infomercials, throwing their hands up in frustration at their own inability to perform the most basic tasks.


You shouldn’t. There’s a better way.

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