How to cut open a pomegranate the smart way

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This video is relevant to my interests.

I mean that literally. I’ve been staring at three pomegranates on my kitchen counter for days now, dreading the task of getting the edible parts separated from the packing materials.


Slice them in half, hold it cut side down over a bowl of water and beat the hell out of the skin side with a wooden spoon. The arils fall right out.


But they were cool long before that.


I was into pomegranates back in 1974, when we moved to our house by the railroad tracks in Southern California. The neighborhood had a pomegranate tree and us kids would happily just smash the fruit on the pavement to crack it open then sit there like happy chimpanzees tearing them apart and eating the oddly sour juicy crunchy seeds for hours.

When we were finished, we’d then use the fruits as grenades, hurtling them as hard as we could at each other in order to stain each other’s clothing (not realizing that the word “grenade” literally refers to the pomegranate fruit, as does the word grenadine which is a syrup made from pomegranate juice).

Coincidentally the pomegranates fruited a month before the neighborhood’s mulberry bush began producing berries. We were very much into eating fruit and staining as many people as possible.


I have done this very thing.

Nowadays I regret the wasted food, but for several other personal reasons it is a fond memory.


Every time a creationist comes out with the idiotic example of bananas being an example of benevolent design, I want to pelt them with pomegranates crying out “your God is a sadistic asshole!”


If you’re really smart, you’ll keep your beak off of my pomegranate!

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I would add “Just look at it!” while the first pomegranate was in mid-flight.

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Just to be sure we all know, wild bananas looked nothing like modern bananas. They were full of hard seeds and a pain to eat. They also were not sweet.The modern banana is more a product of science than nature. Also anyone born in the early 60s actually ate a different banana that went (mostly) extinct, so the banana Kirk is holding only dates back 50 years or so.

As for pomegranates, sometime hard to clean is a good thing to cut down on consumption. It takes me an enjoyable 1/2 hour or so to eat a bag of sunflower seeds. If I bought them shelled I would eat 8 times as much and enjoy them much less. I rarely buy a dozen pomegranates, but I enjoy the ones I do take the time to clean.


Man, that “6 fruits your eating wrong” video is infuriating! First show the dumbest way to clean the fruit, then show another slightly less dumb, but more importantly, less expected way and claim it’s the best.

I hate it.

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And if I’d known that in 40 years the damned things would sell $5 a pop, I probably wouldn’t have thrown them.

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