This heavy machine only juices citrus, and I love it


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"Every weekend I buy a 10 pound bag of oranges. I then move this 10 pound juicer from the pantry to the counter top and spend 30-45 minutes sliding oranges in half and juicing them. "

What a life wrought full of danger you lead, most interesting, Sir or Madam.




The AC cords that Breville uses should be used by all manufacturers. They’re great.


wow that’s some technique. you need to make a video of that sliding in half part. :slight_smile:


Maybe he just has a really big mandoline.


Oranges not dangerous enough for you, eh? Well I’ll tell you something my lad. When you’re walking home tonight and some homicidal maniac comes after you with a bag of juicers, don’t come crying to me!


Yes, they are really great. The clever hole in the plug is wonderful. I’ve wondered why that hasn’t become the standard.






Echoes of Vivian Stanshall . . .



Does he own a butter knife? What about a steak knife?


“And after five or ten fish, it gets to be quite a rush.”


So it is. I always thought they were just spelled the same way.


It looks like the milk shake character from Aqua Teen Hunger force.


I have that! And I love it! We generally wait till grapefruit season to get it out, but yes, its great, its very satisfying. :slight_smile:




This thread is either taking flight, or an unusual tern.


And, please tell: “a juicer for other stuff like carrots, kale and apples!”