Here's the scientific reason to wear socks to bed

:thinking: I’d rather let the monster get me. I need the extra covers that would be on my feet to keep my head and neck from being exposed. Never should’ve watched Nosferatu as a kid. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Fashion? In bed? Who’s watching?

For those who do have cold bedtime feet but hate the constricting feeling of commercial socks, the solution is hand knitted socks. Most sock yarn has no elastic in it, and hand knitting is looser than machine.


Or simply good modern wool socks. They are the opposite of “loose” (smartwool for me) but the natural nonabsorbent fibers, unlike cotton, stay cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. At least for me.

Speaking from a sweaty-foot-sleeper survivor’s POV.

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I wear socks basically 24/7, including to bed. My feet don’t like feeling other things.


Wearing socks to bed is also good if you’ve been drinking.


That was the joke, but now it’s my new concern.


I’m really short. I can cover my head and neck and my feet while stretched out. Lucky me.

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The fashionistas are everywhere! :wink:

(They may even be the monsters under your bed.)

I usually have only my feet sticking out of the covers and the rest of me is a rolled up in the blanket like a big, warm, cinnamon bun. In the morning my feet may be under the covers, but to fall asleep, feet out is preferred.

I also find that if I don’t take off my socks about an hour before bed I’m more prone to get the “jimmy legs” (restless leg syndrome).

If I’m camping I always take off my socks and wash my feet as I’m always taking preventative measures against trench foot. Though I usually shower with a camping shower bag as I can’t sleep worth a damn if every part of me is sticking together.

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Use high quality down duvets in winter so they are cozy but not sweaty. One can wear a toque if it is really cold. In summer, silk duvet for the weight and breathability.


I have a “toe warmer” - a large heating pad that fits across the foot of the bed. It gets warm, but not hot.

Because if the feet are warm, I sleep well. And in the daytime, the cats use it.


My feet are under a duvet anyway so my toes aren’t exposed to the elements, and my bedroom doesn’t double as a walk-in freezer anyway.

I’m a big fan of the toque-in-bed in winter. I usually push it off at some point during the night when it gets too warm, but it’s a great way to get to sleep on a cold night.


More or less the same for me. I recently discovered that I need something functioning like a runner on my bed to add just a little extra heat or pressure on my feet. Socks are uncomfortable in bed, but a thin blanket is great.

I should have realized this sooner because one of the cats used to sleep between my ankles. Extra heat and pressure right there. It was perfection. (Purr-fection, too.)


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