Here's the scientific reason to wear socks to bed

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Thermoregulatory - word of the day, peeps!


I just don’t like it when my feet are cold. at room temperature, they get cold and it takes forever for them to warm back up. so, I’m in socks even if I’m otherwise nude, in bed or otherwise.


Glad to see something about sleep thermoregulation come out of Korea that is actually based on science, not intuition marinated in bias and spread by urban legend. (c.f. “Fan Death”)


If i wear socks to bed eventually they start to bother my feet. It’s not a temperature thing but a pressure thing, and sometimes i might be able to fall asleep with socks on but usually i end up taking them off due to the discomfort


I always felt that I slept better in a warm bed with cold air temperature, which turned out to have scientific evidence backing it up. My sleep was sometimes disturbed by getting too warm, but a few years ago I realized all I really needed was to have my feet warm and the rest of me could be quite a bit cooler and I’d be comfortable. I use a cover for the lower part of the bed rather than socks, that way if that gets too warm, I can just move my feet up. Glad to see this is, yet again, an instance where I’m not just being an atypical weirdo.


I would never fall asleep if I wore socks to bed. I think I said this on another post recently, but I hate wearing anything on my feet. Socks, shoes, I don’t care, I hate it all. I would live the rest of my life barefoot if I could. My feet demand freedom!


Can’t find it now, but I read a while ago about how crocodiles thermoregulate by dipping a foot or two into the river as they bask beside it.
Can totally relate. Just poking a foot out from under the blankets can help cool off. Not hard to imagine wearing socks can do the same, in the opposite direction.


All this time I’ve just been wearing socks to bed for the fashion. Pleasant bonus that there are benefits beyond looking good.


Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:


Sorry. It always starts with innocent pictures of my socks, but ends with me baring my sole to a stranger.


I find this rather counterintuitive? I have always found that wearing socks to bed will, unless it’s particularly cold, result in overheating. Like it’s the single biggest factor in bedtime dress. Unless it’s very cold out, I’ll inevitably wake up way too hot in the night. Other factors like shirts or blankets have little effect by comparison.


Me too. I often sleep with my feet sticking out of the covers because I hate having anything on them. They feel both too hot and to constrained.


Same. It has to be ungodly hot for me to keep my socks off for long. And cold extremities are a migraine trigger for me.


Well I’ll be danged. I’ve been basically doing the opposite for a while now, having seen several articles that say this:

Maybe, as already suggested by varied responses in this thread, different bodies respond to temperature differently. I’m one who can’t sleep with socks on, unless the room is extremely cold (like below 50F).

Not only do I not wear socks, i also stick my feet out prior to falling asleep (I usually end up tucking them back in at some point).


Here’s the scientific reason to wear socks to bed

No. Science can get bent on this one.

Nothing goes on my feet in bed. They stay perfectly warm under the covers. If I get too warm, I just stick them out for a little while and cool off again.

Now, during the day, yes, cold feet means cold body temp. Useful in the summer, but shivering in the winter and I wear nice, warm socks to keep warm.


my college friend had read something about that same evidence one winter. he put weatherstriping around his bedroom door and a bunch of thick-ass comforters on the bed and kept the windows open all winter. he kept trying to convince us that it was the way to go, although he had it somewhat easier since his girlfriend slept over there, too. she tolerated the situation, I’d say it was love but they didn’t end up staying together. afaik the bed thing wasn’t a factor in the break up but who knows.


I can’t stick my feet out of the covers, though. The monster under my bed will grab me and pull me under if I do that. (I wish I were joking…I’m not an anxious person generally, but I have a couple of completely irrational fears…this one is particularly annoying and stupid)


Until this bit, I was sure your under-bed monster was a cat.

Cat Attack GIF

Socks in winter and no socks in summer. My spouse cannot sleep without socks, the pressure is soothing. In winter, if I go to sleep with chill feet they never warm up. Even if the rest of me is too warm.


Count me as another person who can’t wear socks to bed unless it’s a cold winter night. I have to keep my feet partially to fully outside of the covers otherwise I’ll feel too hot to fall asleep. By the time I wake up, my feet are fully under the covers unless it’s a hot summer night.