Where on the footwear alignment chart are toe socks?

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I was hoping there would be an actual footwear alignment chart. :person_shrugging:


I never went full Vibram, but I do run in low-profile Merrel trail-running shoes that have almost no heel support and a wide toe box. They remind me of the cross-country “waffles” we used to compete in. They do let the toes spread out, and if nothing else that helps prevent ingrown toenails, so already worth the cost of admission…

just found this:


What about split toe socks?


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Perfect for scuttling.


I suspect that just like finding gloves that fit right, those of us with Morton’s toe will struggle finding decent fitting toe socks. The freaks that we are…


I hate socks. I hate shoes. I wear them out of necessity only. I hate everything about them. Yes, my toes want to be free, but encasing each one in its own individual knit coffin is not my idea of free. Barefoot is good. Everything else is some flavor of evil. That’s my alignment chart.


…and yet….

So Herman draws a (very reasonable) science line at barefoot running, yet is perfectly comfortable making a dozen other unsupported claims about foot health. There is not a single shred of evidence supplied for any of these.


Tabi, Japanese socks also favored by some pretentious martial artists.

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My sister in law swears by toe socks,
but she also swears by all the things red-flagged on quackwatch too. So… take that with a costco sized drum of NaCl

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I wear these a lot, especially to PT sessions. It makes it easier to see what my toes are doing. :woman_shrugging:t4:. It takes the guesswork out of determining reactions to nerve glides and stretches. Not being forced to align with other toes in a sock helps avoid some flexibility problems, too.


TIL I’m more than just a Happy Mutant, I’m a mutant mutant!

[I already knew that, though, due to only having 1 wisdom tooth.]



That’s not how socks work.

Again, not how socks work.

That’s reasonable. Your toes still sweat, but there’s no question the fabric helps them get more air. Depending on your feet, maybe not enough air, but definitely more.

Toe socks have a lubricating effect; damp skin tends to stick, while fabric allows toes to slide past each other. I actually feel less stable in toe socks since my toes don’t work together. But I’m not actually less stable, it’s just that my feet are working differently.

I can’t wear toe socks continuously though. As thin as the fabric is, the double layer between each pair of toes makes them feel like they’re being pried apart, and leaves my feet slightly annoyed all day. I’m sure I can adapt, but in truth:

The main reason to use toe socks (or Vibram shoes) is because you like how they feel. They’re neither better nor worse for you. I’m sure there are some problems that are helped by toe socks, but for the most part if you have foot problems, you need to get that looked at. And use a clean pair of socks every day.

And if you think you might like toe socks, try them out. They’re cheap, and noone needs to know.


Preferably in the form of a single crystal. With a light bulb on top.

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My dad passed away from myelofibrosis, but one of the first symptoms he developed was essential thrombosis, which led to chillblains on his toes. He was an avid ultra marathon runner and discovering toe socks helped him run comfortably for a couple more years until his anemia got too bad. He became evangelical about them to his running buddies.

Thank you for posting this, it brought back some wonderful memories of my pops!


I had known (and quite prefer) the term “digital socks”.

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