Here's the trailer for the "Willow" reboot, starring Warwick Davis

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of the things he’s been in but he’s always so covered in masks. It’s nice he’ll be able to breathe easy through this show!

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Life’s Too Short

One of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time, and I wish there was more. When Warwick had to put on a dog-pissed Ewok costume for a gig… damn good series.


At least as much work as Angelo Rossitto (Freaks, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome), though much of Rossitto’s work is uncredited in many productions). It’s amazing how it’s so hard to get trans folks or other marginalized people to play average characters, but not many folks would bat an eye at someone with dwarfism in current media.

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Yeah! I know he was in one of the Doctor Who episodes Neil Gaiman wrote… A Nightmare in Silver…

And of course, he was Flitwick and starred in the Leprechaun movies.

To be fair, though, many actors with dwarfism still get cast as people with dwarfism, primarily. Peter Dinklage seems to be a major except to that rule. There are several roles he’s been cast in where dwarfism is not a part of the character’s role… in Pixels, I think We’re Alone now, Rememory, Penelope, Knights of Badassdom…

Is he playing Toxie in the gritty reboot of Toxic Avenger? It doesn’t say on the IMDB page…


That’s what I like about so many of Rossitto’s portrayals in TV and film…just another guy who also happened to have dwarfism.


So he’s the trailblazer, who Dinklage has been able to build on. That’s good to know. I’ve just been really interested in seeing Dinklage’s career develop as it has. He’s such a great actor. I love to watch his work.




Yeah, it’s weird that who is Toxie isn’t listed… but the two top billed actors are Kevin Bacon:

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And Dinklage…

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A bit off-topic, but another piece of recent casting I’m excited about is for the Hellraiser reboot… with Jamie Clayton as Pinhead!!!

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While Davis was extremely prolific, as many folks mentioned he wasn’t typically offered the opportunity to play an average person, but more often played various monsters or aliens (and one sinister jester from the TV adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels burned in my mind for some reason).

I think Peter Dinklage in recent years has helped normalize seeing little people as, you know, people, who can have roles that are regular-ass humans, rather than monsters, aliens, or visual punchlines.

ETA: Aaaaaand I scroll further down the convo and see this exact point has already been better-addressed by other folks :joy:.


A few years ago I was in LA dropping off my rental car, and the attendant noticed Davis exiting the office a couple of lanes away. “Hey, Willow!” he yelled, and Davis gave a half-hearted wave in our direction. I was mortified (I generally avoid harassing celebrities in the wild) but Davis looked really good. Apparently he’s a regular at that rental location.


Apparently he has one in Top Gun: Maverick, so there’s hope. I’m really hoping they preserve the light, humorous tone that he brought. It’s one of the main things that set Willow apart from the mostly middling 80s fantasy epics.


I had no idea, but it’s so obvious now.


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