Here's what a Disney version of A Clockwork Orange would look like

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Don’t give them any ideas!


Needs a musical number.

(To the tune of “Bare Necessities”)

:notes: Look for the ultraviolence
The simple ultraviolence
Spread around some chaos and some strife
I mean the ultraviolence
Old Ludwig Van—NOT silence!
The score to ultraviolence and life


Eh. Looks like family guy. And Alex isn’t nearly queer coded enough.

Yeah it doesn’t look like Disney to me


I was getting “Hanna-Barbera parody in a Ren and Stimpy episode” vibes.


This guy does great Disney spoofs. I’d like to see his take

Except, wouldn’t they insist on actually making the film about a Mary-Sue character who didn’t appear in the original film, remove any actual conflict or character development, and do something to show their complete contempt and hatred of anyone who was a fan of the original?

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Before they do this, I need to get Mr. Kubrick’s corpse (or coffin) hooked up to a generator so I can get some power from when he starts spinning…


That’s what I was thinking. It didn’t have the Disney Animation warmth to it. The outlines were too thick, not enough curves in the character designs, and the shots were clearly taken from the film rather than wider shots that let you appreciate the artwork. Hannah-Barbara has some good stuff out there, but they did a lot of tight shots to minimize backgrounds and reuse cells. That’s definitely the vibe here.

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