Here's what happens when you touch one of the UK's Queen's Guard


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Yeah; those are real guns.


Also real, trained soldiers who are there for a reason.


Drop a clanger you dolt!

  • Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball


With real bayonets affixed.


I’d only want that guard duty if I was allowed to bayonet one tourist a day. (Well, if provoked.)


Its the violence inherent in the system…



Came across this one the other day… who knew the Queen’s Guard were also magicians?

There’s a tourist there one second, then he’s gone!


I’ve a friend who was a Swiss Guard. They likewise do not fuck around. Not only is there an assault rifle a few feet away, those halberds are sharpened to a fare-the-well.


I’m enough of a uniform geek to point out that while he may be serving as one of the Queen’s guards, it appears that within the foot guards he is one of the Scots Guards since his buttons are in groups of three…


Yeah, guards tend to guard things. Funny hats notwithstanding.


Why…on earth…would someone mess with a guard? I’m all for subversive humor, but that’s not even funny.


I only wish the video concentrated on the guy who touched him. I’d have loved to have seen that backpedal.


And, of course, their almost fanatical devotion to the pope. One of their chief weapons.


I thought it was a well known fact that you could do anything you want to try to get a reaction out of a Queen’s Guard, but FSM help you if you actually touch one.


that sounds great, I would be willing to leave my employ as a Texas cop for that deal!


I can’t really respect guards without funny hats. Merely by being seen in public, you can tell that these guys know no fear.


There’d be less of these incidents if they binned the ridiculous hats.