Here's what the debate should have looked like


…in the opinion of Donald Trump.

No interruptions from that woman.


Some of that was actually funny.


At least half! I think he listened to his advisors this time.

EDIT: But his delivery! Ouch!


Like the guy on the bottom right’s facial expressions.


I just can’t stand listening to him.

I’ll need to wait for the Peter Serafinowicz dub.


I just watched Hillary, she was a little harsh too. But she can do self-deprecating really well.


Wait: he didn’t recognize Mayor de Blasio, who was seating in a place of prominence right next to him, and joked it’s because he’s not in real estate as much anymore?

He really can’t get even the most basic things right, can he?


The woman on the left probably didn’t think her cleavage would be on TV for 30 minutes


When was this?


Yesterday I guess.


“Now, if some of you haven’t noticed, Hillary isn’t laughing as much as the rest of us…”

Said into a room that had just gone quiet after booing his last two statements. I don’t think there’s any way a line like that could be better timed to fall completely flat.


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