Herman Cain dies of Covid

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I’m really sorry to hear of this, and my mind goes to “No Man is an Island” by John Donne:

I am involved in Mankinde;
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.


The mind boggles as to what could be going on with how his twitter is managed. Do you think that the digital relations firm was paid for and managed by someone other than Herman Cain and his family? It is hard to believe that someone would be posting denialist tweets or want them tweeted on their behalf while they are actually dying of the thing.


I’d like to think that this would be sobering news for America’s Know-Nothing 27%, but I doubt it. It wasn’t like Cain wasn’t part of the problem, either. From a 2 July article:

On Wednesday – two days after Cain was said to have tested positive – he tweeted his apparent support for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s decision not to require mask-wearing or social distancing during Trump’s upcoming visit to Mount Rushmore.

“Masks will not be mandatory for the event, which will be attended by President Trump,” Cain tweeted. “PEOPLE ARE FED UP!”


If it wasn’t for the actions of those kpop fans pulling that prank/stunt/ego thrashing on Trump in Tulsa, the casualty count would have been significantly higher.


I would think that the guy posting on his account is in violation of Twitter TOS now.


It’s hard to sympathize too much with a fairly notable National Restaurant Association flack. The other NRA is pretty much a one-stop shop for being on the wrong side of essentially everything labor-relations; including verging-on-homicide theories of what constitutes ‘safe’ opening practices.


I am not convinced of that. Yes, they asked for a zillion tickets, but there was no limit, and it is not clear if they actually depressed turnout.

Back to the topic: yes, people are fed up–at people like the late Herman Cain and whoever is managing his social media accounts and of course that guy who is in charge of the federal government now. None of these idiots can respond effectively to this because they can’t admit–apparently even to themselves–what’s actually going on.


If Herman Cain caught it at the rally and perished because of it i would have to wonder what his family feel towards towards Trump and the event organizers, but i guess we’ll see what happens.


The knuckle-draggers on r/conservative have been quick to point out that he was elderly, and a cancer survivor, so, high at risk. So far, many seem dismissive. And that it’s all China’s fault.


MAGA nation needs to come up with a pithy description of that segment of the population that we should care less about dying. The elderly, those with other health difficulties, all those folks who we might feel a little bad about them dying, but c’mon, let’s be real…it’s not like they should count fully. We could call them, I dunno, Lebensunwertes Leben?


I think this is unfair. People handle these things differently. I don’t need to hear a mea culpa from every republican who gets Covid - the increasing occurrence of it speaks for itself.

My dad didn’t want to say a whole lot on social media about how ill he was and, as a civically engaged citizen, he continued to communicate about community issues, or have the family do so on his behalf, even from the ICU.

Not to say he had Covid too, but we are hearing a lot about people who seem to have lighter symptoms suddenly “crash” within hours. Doesn’t happen to everyone, but it has been pretty well documented. I am not saying I am sure that’s what happened in this case.
The phenomenon is referred to as a “cytokine storm.”


A couple of days ago I read an article and they were spinning it as if he were on oxygen to strengthen his lungs.

I just spent a while back in time on his Twitter feed. I dunno. So much could be said, but it will be said without me saying it. Makes me a little nauseous to read it, and more so from the pointlessness now of even looking at it.

Past a certain point schadenfreude gets sickening. There’s just this sober feeling that the whole situation is out of control, and it’s closer to the beginning than the end.


Didn’t Bush 41 infamously refer to them as “useless eaters”?


It makes me wonder how many other people caught or spread COVID-19 at that Tulsa rally, and have already died or will die from it. Not to mention those who survive but will suffer ongoing cardiac and other organ injury (78 out of 100 studied!). I am beside myself with fury at all of my fellow Americans who are callous enough to politicize this pandemic for their own personal benefit. It’s disgusting.


Or Unnütze Esser. Really, though, the GOP and their Libertarian allies already had a code word for it for years: “undeserving”.


A few months ago I heard someone laughingly calling it “The Boomer Remover”.


Just wait for Trump to tweet that Cain died because they didn’t treat him with Trump’s favorite drug, hydroxychloroquine.


…and they didn’t!

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Cytokine storms were also partially responsible for the severity of the 1918 flu pandemic and why it killed so many relatively young people.