Hermes makes delivery a pain


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Of course they have trouble with Hermes. He’s only a Grade 34 bureaucrat!


Came to find out why the OP was having trouble getting what I assumed was a $4,000 Hermes purse delivered…

I’d say I was disappointed, but I hear there is a list sent directly to Donald Trump…


What an appropriate choice of names for their company.


That’s low. That’s Barbados Slim low.


First, I have to wonder what these people need delivered from or to the underworld.

Second, a god who is a trickster is not likely the best choice for a delivery service.

Third, isn’t the best rout to get a customer service complaint heard and acted upon by Hermes’s or the parent god/company Zeus, to make a proper offering at a temple? Twitter just doesn’t cut with the old gods, most of the time.


Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this business before. It would be very clever if the whole film and associated Twitter feed was just an elaborate art project – but no, there are plenty of Google hits, and the proverbial stack of turtles can’t be that high.


They are that bad- they’re a low cost courier company with the innovation of having ‘Self Employed’ drivers in their own car and paid around £0.50 per delivery.


Originated in Germany in the 70s. Owned by one of the major mail order companies of old. Absolute bottom feeders of the delivery world but popular with online retailers because they are the cheapest.


Well, there’s no way that could possibly go wrong! I mean, getting paid half a pound per delivery means delivery persons will have plenty of time and incentive to insure packages get to the right person rather than falsely claiming to have delivered a package to save time and still claim the fee.



Unless you’re talking about flowers:


Seems like the solution here is to refuse to deal with any retailer who offers Hermes as the only delivery option. If you find out after the fact, contact the retailer and cancel the order. Fortunately it doesn’t look like Hermes operates in the U.S.


If anyone likes horror, then just imagine Hermes teaming up with Cisco.


Hermes? Well it doesn’t help that one of them isn’t happy in his work.


I certainly try, but it isn’t always easy. Even Amazon uses them (not exclusively, but you don’t get a direct choice.)


The gig economy.


Awful company. Whilst I was having an ongoing argument about a missing parcel that they said has been signed for, I caught one of their drivers, on video, forging a signature on the paperwork.

Youtube: Hermes delivery

Suffice to say this got Hermes a bit rattled, and they sorted out both of my issues immediately!


They’ve copied the idea for their “Amazon Logistics” service. If anything it’s worse- the drivers have far too many parcels to delivery and are depots cover an enormous delivery area. They also haven’t worked out that rural deliveries are significantly harder than urban ones.



Like most guys, I loathe being called “Li’l Manlet”. IT’S FUCKING HUMILIATING!