Heroic Cop Draws Gun On Deadly Snowball-Fighting Children

I imagine this will probably be covered in the blog proper once more details have become apparent but I couldn’t not post this.

Hopefully the truth of the situation will soon come out and discredit the children who posed a deadly threat to this heroic officer. With snowballs. Aimed at each other and perhaps also the cop, who, with true diligence and authority forced, under threat of death, the assailants to kneel for inspection.

When will children learn that the use of snow is an illicit activity, denoting a life of crime and menace?


They are truly lucky to have not been summarily executed.


Yeah, somebody reported that one of them might have a gun…

So officer McCompensationIssues, after duly observing the dangerous activity of a SNOW BALL FIGHT, chose to escalate to threat of deadly force, rather than, you know… talking to them to evaluate the credibility of the report.


Why do you hate cops? I mean, if they got hit by one of those, he might have to dry clean his uniforms!?! Have a heart, man!!! /s


Those snowballs could have had razor blades in them!


Much like apples on halloween in the 80s.



My friends and I had something similar done to us when we were kids. The cop pull his nightstick out and told us we were looking for clumps of ice to vandalize cars.

We were like, seven. Gotta love the NYPD.


I was wondering how they would spin it.

“The group was compliant,” Murphy said. “(At the same time) the other cop is in foot pursuit of the suspect that had the gun. The suspect runs into an apartment house and into an unknown apartment.”

Police did not catch the suspect.


Officials said they will not release a recording of the 911 call, but may release a transcript of the call.


“I’m sure that if I release it (the recording), there are people in the neighborhood who will identify the (caller),” Murphy said. “We depend on the public to give us information. If you violate that (trust), then what do you tell people? We know what happened, I know what happened and that’s it.”


There could have been some ice balls in the mix…

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