Heroin stamped 'Obamacare' and 'Kurt Cobain' nabbed by Massachussetts police, with K9 assist


“heroin”. sad waste of a plant.

and failure to change lanes for an emergency vehicle
I wonder if that is what got them pulled over in the first place?

FYI… as I grew up there, it’s spelled “Massachusetts”.

Note to self: When carrying a shit load of drugs to sell, obey the traffic laws.


Strange. They really didn’t find any packets marked ‘CIA’ or ‘DEA’?
I am confused.


Those cars don’t get pulled over.


Actually, it’s stamped “OBAMA CARE” - there’s clearly a space between the words in the image.

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the copper did it wrong, the usual thing is wait until the drugs are dropped off then stop them with the cash, so you can confiscate it.


-opens Christmas stocking to find several pounds of heroin-

Thanks, Obama! :smile:


Just to be clear, this is not an actual feature of the Affordable Care Act.


that makes it seem like a cry for help, like a request for Obama to care about hard drug problems in this country enough to fix our drug laws.

the Kurt Cobain stamp is just bad taste

The explanation of the traffic stop (“a vehicle passed by him. Trooper Petty observed several violations”) and the reason for suspecting drugs (“evidence of illegal narcotics led to a request for a State Police K9”) are quite vague. While it might be legitimate, this story has “NSA” written all over it. The NSA has been passing tips to various police departments, like “be at this place at this time, spot vehicle XYZ, and find any reason to pull them over”. There’s one story of a sheriff who refused to follow such a lead because he understood that it has been obtained through warrantless surveillance.

Transporting that much gear about bagged up seems like a profoundly stupid idea.

I’d be interested to read that story, deathisastar. The NSA tipping off local law enforcement agencies about relatively small time drug dealers seems like a lot of work for not much reward.

Not saying it isn’t true that the NSA does that kind of stuff (I have no idea), but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to spot a drug dealer, especially if you live or work in that world. I’m picturing four young men traveling in an expensive vehicle in a bad neighborhood. Those individual bags usually sell for $10 each. The bundles sell for about $100 and typically contain 11 or 12 bags. So 1250 isn’t actually that big a deal for a law enforcement agency.

Also, as a former heroin addict, I’d be curious to know if this stamp was any good.

Point taken. As I wrote, I can only surmise and can’t be sure, but here are
some articles of interest:

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not even for ‘platinum’ participants?

And probably trains. Larger auto-mobiles.

They ain’t fucking around with no cars.

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