Hey, Fellow "Nerds" Out There: Got Fandoms?

So okay…

Practically everyone (that I’ve ever met or I know of) has a novel(s) or a series or a movie(s) that resonates with them; a creative work that they tend to enjoy above all others in that given genre.

Sometimes, that enjoyment creates a widespread sense of camaraderie with others who hold those works in the same high regard; creating a kind of community that is dedicated to the perpetual discussion, analysis and some times the (relentless) obsession with those books, movie, and/or series.

{That last is the exclusive domain of rabid ‘fanboys’ and ‘fangirls’; and woe be unto anyone who takes their deep-seated fixation as anything less than deadly serious.}

This, in a nutshell, is the nature of fandom, and of course it extends beyond the limited scope of the few topics I’ve included here.

There’s a fandom for pretty much any “extracurricular” activity or hobby that you can think of, from knitting scarves, to music, to sporting events.

Hell, one could even include politics in that list, if they wanted to stretch the definition of “entertainment”, but I’d really rather that we don’t meander down that path; I’m already on political overload as it is, and I sorely need a break from all the mind numbing monotony.

Instead, for now, I’m only focusing on the kind of fandoms that I myself indulge in; because y’know, I’m just self-centered like that.


Some of my personal ‘fan favorites’ are:

The Dark Tower Series (Yes, I am a Constant Reader.)

Breaking Bad ( Yes, I am still a recovering ‘Baddict.’)

Pretty much any 80’s movie written/directed by John Hughes (Breakfast Club quotes, anyone?)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (No, I’m not a drag queen, but I wish I was!)

Just to name a few.

What about you all?

What ‘piques your interest’ and ‘strikes your fancy’, when it comes to pop culture and entertainment?



But yeah, Rick and Morty, for how silly and off the wall it is, is just packed with deep philosophical truths from several different schools of thought. I also like that the show is genre savvy and makes fun of itself even.

It’s a lot like Deadpool. I like shows that don’t take themselves too seriously, but still have serious stuff going on.


I spy a Castiel! Hello. SPN. Destiel shipper here. Also Hannigram oh my. That’s it. Oh and Teen Wolf (shut it!) Sterek oh yes.


Oh many things… in no particular order
Miniature Wargames (which I have been lax at participating in for too long now)
Doctor Who
Blaxploitation movies
Music of all sorts of genres
Buster Keaton
Doc Savage
The Watch books
Rick and Morty very recently after getting to watch the first season
probably other things I will think of later…


I never really thought of it as a fandom, but I crochet. A lot. This is my favorite thing I’ve made. It was a gift for a friend, who died about 5 years ago, so he came back to stay with me. He was the Star Wars fan, far more than I am, so I can’t really claim that fandom. I just obsessively tie little knots in string. His clothes come off, but it’s not very dignified for a Jedi, so I won’t show that.

I also like to ferment foods, but I’m still just trying to figure out what I’m doing, unlike some of the real microbe pros around here. I’ve learned a lot in the Fermenting thread.


Never seen it; I’ll have to add it to my ever growing list.

Also, did you enjoy the Deadpool movie?

I was pleasantly surprised, myself; especially after the abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Yeah, I enjoy the movie. It’s a rather conservative rendition of Deadpool, but it’s certainly a good start :smiling_imp:


At least it was rated ‘R’ instead of ‘PG-13.’


I’m too socially phobic (Asperger’s plus Tourette’s, yay) for group fandom. But if we change it to “media I like a lot”…

  • Anything involving Audrey Hepburn or Humphrey Bogart.
  • Aubrey/Maturin; best historical novels ever written.
  • Art Spiegelman. Holy shit, Maus. And In the Shadow of No Towers.
  • Primo Levi. Seriously, go read The Periodic Table. Humanity at its finest.

I just finished watching Rick and Morty in its entirety for like the fourth time. You are gonna love it.


Belonging to a fandom doesn’t necessarily mean that you cosplay or go to conventions, per se; just that you have some strong affections.

And since I’m only really familiar with her (and Bogey) from your list, here’s an Audrey for you…

everything Audrey


Ian M Banks’s Culture is my favorite sci-fi setting. I enjoy the stuff that focuses on ship interactions the best.

Mage: The Ascension is my favorite game, but the one I usually run is Vampire. I hate the WOD storyline though so I’m not the type to have memorized all the supplements.

I watch Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog whenever I’m feeling really bad.


I tried watching Dr. Horrible a while back. Probably years ago. But my ADHD just wouldn’t allow me to watch it all the way through.

I need to give it another chance.

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*tries desperately to only mention one*

I am a huge Star Trek nerd. HUGE. I have seen every movie and every episode (including The Animated Series). Most of them numerous times. Although don’t ask me what happened on star date blah blah or what a heisenberg compensator does or anything like that. I’m more the story end. Which is probably a good thing because from what I can tell the writers were never that huge on continuity consistency.

I also enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse novels (aka True Blood), A Series of Unfortunate Events, Person of Interest, Leverage, Lost, Adventure Time, X-Files (haven’t seen the new series because I haven’t finished the original yet), Babylon 5, Gilmore GIrls, Twin Peaks, Steven Universe, Criminal Minds (which I recognize as science fiction *cough*), Gravity Falls, Lexx, the DISCWORLD NOVELS BY GNU TERRY PRATCHETT, um, …


Bird Person’s such a mensch. Love that character.


I used to really like the Southern Vampire series, until Alan Ball came along and turned it into the tv series True Blood, upon which I realized what a 2-dimensional moron the protagonist is. I watched the first three seasons anyway, because hello, Mechad Brooks and Joe Manganiello…

But alas; all the man-candy, and gratuitous sex/violence in the world wasn’t enough to keep that train-wreck on the rails.

My daughter got me hip to Gravity Falls, and I was totally surprised to find that I really like it; especially since I’m generally ‘anti-Disney’…

And I love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, period.


However much I watched of the show was entertaining but I didn’t keep up with it. So many adorable actors in the casting though. So. Many.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it either. Alex Hirsch really knows how to make an amazing show though.

:slight_smile: Yeeeees. What’s your favorite story thread? I can’t pick just one so I’ll say witches of Lancre and Sam Vimes. Although I haven’t started the Tiffany books yet.

I also forgot to mention Doctor Who but I really don’t count as a fan after Moffat took over so…

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I am the most hetero guy I know, and he makes me go daaaaaaamn.

It was supposed to get better


A long time ago, I was at a book signing of Good Omens. I was a big fan of the Sandman (Neil Gaiman,) but I wondered who was this bearded guy with the hat (Terry Pratchett.) Later, I figured out my mistake.