Hey, Fellow "Nerds" Out There: Got Fandoms?

My heart belongs to Tolkien. Not very original, I know.

At the moment I am into A Song of Ice and Fire. Even less original, if that is possible.

I hope that lasts and doesn’t turn into another Harry Potter which I enjoyed a lot at the time but never picked up again after literally the day Deathly Hallows was released. I even enjoyed it, but I was done with it.


No “originality” necessary.


I’d have been highly surprised if no respondents here had liked Star Trek, Star Wars or LOTR; those are classic fandoms.


I could happily spend the rest of my life watching Audrey Hepburn read the dictionary aloud. Just the blink at the end of that gif is heart-stopping.


She was amazingly fabulous…

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I’m with you on McMaster Bujold (pretty much anything she writes). Big fan of C. J. Cherryh as well, also James H. Schmitz.

Not big on TV or film anymore - did like ST:TOS and the Avengers (the British spy series, not the Marvel comics). Like Carl Dreyer’s films.

It’s music where I get out of hand (I’m sure @japhroaig can attest)…

I’m a big fan of Arnold Schoenberg, Béla Bartók, Karol Szymanowski, Paul Hindemith, Alban Berg, Erwin Schulhoff and Luigi Dallapiccola. Ditto Antonio de Cabezón, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, J. J. Froberger, Domenico Scarlatti and Antonio Soler; ditto Chopin, Brahms and Mahler (but the latter by preference in his orchestral songs).

Also a big fan of the late Jack Bruce, the late Gary Moore, the very much alive John McLaughlin and Jeff Beck, Jon Hiseman, Herbie Hancock, Vlatko Stefanovski, Living Colour and (most recently) Magma.


The Witcher series - both books & games (even have a soft spot for the old, cheap TV show)

(or, if you prefer)

And ohshitohshitohshit I’m going to die did I forget the Discworld?


Geek though I am, I’m not deep enough into any fandoms to do cosplay/fanfic/etc. But then there’s

And Firefly, Sandman, Lord of the Rings, the Black Company. Several SF and fantasy authors. I would say Night Vale, except I’m waaaay behind on actually listening to the podcast.


I watched a couple random episodes of Steven Universe with the kids, and I thought it was, you know, okay enough.

Then I actually watched several in a row, realised it’s not mostly just wacky random fun, and started again from the beginning. I am now a devoted fan who is not quite literally dying from the reduced update frequency


Yeah, I think the ongoing plot is whyt he show works so well. (And a part of why the Uncle Grandpa crossover was such a travesty.)

Supposedly the show is returning in June and will be weekly for a while, instead of a Stevenbomb followed by months of silence.


Loved Sandman, haven’t yet gotten around to Cerebus. I like a bunch of different things – Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe is great, but I also love Superman (I’m about 25, 30-years out of date on most things), From Hell, old newspaper comics (Peanuts of course, Krazy Kat, Thimble Theater - I have yet to get Little Nemo collections… but… someday!), Fables (I haven’t read the last 2 or 3 collections – no spoilers!), Hellboy and accompanying universe, much of Alan Moore’s work - particularly Top 10, Tom Strong, and LoG [and that’s a twofer with the Kevin O’Neill artwork], From Hell. That’s also a twofer, and I’ve got Campbell’s Bacchus vol one waiting on the to-read shelf, alongside the Lee/Kaluta collected-expanded Starstruck.

Uh… I’ve got more graphic novels that computer books, but just barely. Maybe becuase I divest myself of stale programming books, but not the GN’s.

I mean – I love comics – but I’m not a fan.

I liked in my early 20s, I dunno though it got not so interesting after awhile to me. Maybe it was the lazy pages of dialog with the same picture repeated that did it.

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Have you have given Terry And The Pirates a try? Steve Canyon?
Also hie thee to a Little Nemo book now! It is amazing beautiful stuff and good for the babbies to read as well.

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Fun but silly to start with, then very cool and very intricate for a long time, then Dave went nuts and the whole thing turned into a conspiratorial misogynist swamp of reflected self-loathing.

Get the first few collections, but don’t go past Church & State II.


There are names on that list I’ve never even come across. I need to spend more time with Bartok, he is the epitome of cool. Some might argue cultural appropriation, but it was his culture transformed into something else. And his notes and field recordings still exist! :smiley:


Can’t believe Hitchhikers hasn’t got a mention yet.

And Tintin.

I’m also a huge fan of DOOM 1 & 2, and Quake.

And Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein.


I’m torn between adding my name to the list of fandoms already praised–Doctor Who and Star Trek–and offering a couple of my more unusual ones–old horror/monster films, particularly Roger Corman and anything done by Harryhausen or with Vincent Price in it–and the original Twilight Zone.

It kinda pains me that I have to specify the original Twilight Zone although the reboots did some good things.

And billiards. On those extremely rare occasions when ESPN or another sports network broadcasts billiards matches–usually in December–I’m glued to the TV.

If you’re ever in Nashville I’ll buy you a pint. Or several. Or we can take the Yazoo Brewery tour. It’s not much–less than an hour and a half even when they’re stretching it–but you get a commemorative glass and several samples.


Robin Hobb! She’s one of the few authors I read in my youth whose work, when I came back to it 20 years later, made me feel even deeper appreciation (rather than the usual mix of nostalgia and embarrassment)

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But… But… He appropriated from the Slovaks! And the Romanians! And the Bulgarians! And the Arabs in Basra! :open_mouth:

More seriously, Bartók was one of the very first truly professional ethnomusicologists, he was extremely good at encouraging a pride in indigenous music-making in other nationalities, and he used his materials with great individuality and sophistication. Great composers steal like magpies. By the time they have finished stealing, though, the materials have become theirs entirely.

I’ll add that I was very good at limiting the list: I could have added quite a few more musicians I’m very fond of (probably starting with Prokofiev).

Off topic a bit: Can you have a look at this (over in the crafting thread) and tell me what you think? I’ve not got a lot of feedback yet, and I’m still in the “Have I done something good, or have I perpetrated a crime?” stage of things. If there is even a whiff of the latter, please let me know where you are catching the whiff, because this is also the “Better revise!” stage.


I liked it. I mean that in both ways since we have a Like function here. lol It’s kind of hard to say more with it being in a … quantized state? Music like that needs the human element to really … get. At least for me.

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I grew up watching Mr. Price on the Saturday afternoon double feature, and Rod Serling’s show was so ahead of its time…