Hibachi chef making a meal on a regular table


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This wouldn’t be so sad if it weren’t for the music setting that tone (and maybe the shrimp falling to the floor). Set it to some appropriately upbeat music or maybe yakety sax, and it would be completely different.



So it’s going to be ennui again today, huh?


I don’t understand how this could have not concluded with a seppuku.


You know how people complain about how BB used to be a directory of wonderful things? I feel like this is what they’re asking for.


I’m so depressed now.


But…no tables cook anybody’s style of food. If the video was going for “Hibachi chef taken out of his whimsical environment, and forced to live like the muggles” wouldn’t they have him cooking on a stove crowded with shitty scratched-up non-stick pans from target?


This. Cooking in a makeshift manner would have been interesting. Pretending to “cook” on an ordinary unheated table is just stupid.



That’s not a knife! This is a knife!


Given it’s from Clickhole “Just stupid” is likely exactly what they were aiming for.


Not Hibachi - Teppanyaki. Hibachi = coals/grill, Teppan = griddle.

Or: Hibachi = tailgate | Teppanyaki = onion ring volcano


Was so expecting the close-up of that to have a dog nose come in from the side. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was hoping the choppity bits would destroy the table, but not even that happened. Am disapoint! :unamused:


I would have been more amused by an attempt to do Teppanyaki style cooking on a hibachi or a griddle with grooves.


Here ya go. You’ll need to manually silence the Hibachi volume though, didn’t immediately find a way to do it inside.

I gotta be honest though, it doesn’t work as well. Maybe because I now expect the original sad version.


I’m not sure that people “get” Clickhole most of the time.



I feel I watched this longer than I ought to have.


This was much funnier than I was expecting it to be.