Hidden Valley's ranch dressing-themed ranch house

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Do is it have Ranch on a branch Ranchie?

I’m sorry, but as a midwestern native I have to protest this. A ranch dressing inspired house would look something like everyone’s grandma’s house. It would definitely have a blanket on the back of the couch like the one from the old Rosanne TV show. And a very worn in Lazyboy recliner. There would be baskets used as decor. If we are going really old school, perhaps even the giant wooden spoon and fork on the wall (what was that about?). And the big wooden salad bowls with matching individual wooden salad bowls. And you need a dad on the front porch because there is a tornado warning so he’s looking for it. And a candy dish with those little strawberry candies that you get in like a gift box of sausages and cheese, that you’ve never seen in a store and yet the dish is always full of candy.

best known by my age group as the favored condiment to dip pizza slices in

WTF? Dipping pizza into ranch dressing? Is this some kind of absurdist attempt at creating an existential mental fugue state in the readership?

I hate to pry, but what is your favored condiment to dip pizza slices in if it’s not ranch?

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Dip pizza slices? Why not just live like a barbarian? Put it all in a blender and drink the resulting slurry?


I’m generally in the “don’t knock it till you try it” camp, but it might be a while before I try that one. I don’t have a barbarian blender at the moment.

As far as dipping pizza goes, some pizzas are made for it. This is usually a better alternative to ranch, though, IMO:

But I’ve been known to have some late night pizza/ranch trysts.

ETA: I just realized that link doesn’t have the recipe for secret dipping sauce, and I didn’t find it in a quick look around the Serious Eats website. If I can find my copy, which is probably boxed away at the moment, I’ll post it over in the food and drink thread. It’s quite good.

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