Hiding hot dog frustrates dogs playing whack-a-mole

That was saddening. You can teach dogs “tease” games, and they get the joke, but you only repeat it once or twice.

That poor dog enters bestial anger state, then has to respond dutifully to human reprimand. I noticed the dog clearly knows what follows the raised hand, which is sad.

I feel sad :frowning:


I’ve had dreams like this.


If playing Hide the Hotdog results in frustration for the players, you’re doing it wrong.


Not really thinking this is a wonderful thing. This went on far too long to be just a play session and was just mean. Poor Fizzgig (which is a great name for a Shiba, so I guess there’s that).



  1. Frustrate the hell out of an animal.
  2. Scold or threaten the animal when it inevitably expresses its frustration.

Not disappointed in the responses here.


Just give the dog the hotdog already! This is cruel. He deserves a whole package of hotdogs after that mess.


Those are the tree politest dogs I’ve ever seen.

When the white one is like, “I figured it out, it’s under the table!” and then loses the thread because he’s missing an eye. :broken_heart:


My cat would’ve ripped the top off the box, killed the person inside, eaten the hot dog, and then gone after the guy with the camera. But then, my cat is a homicidal maniac, so …


“No. No snarls. Im’a screw with you until I decide I don’t want to anymore but you behave.”

Dogs cant see up close to begin with, its all feel or smell till a foot and half from their forehead before they can focus. Trying to look under their chin and following a scent then fucked out of time and time again…not cool.

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I didn’t stick around for the ending, but I’ll go ahead and assume that the three dogs turned on the guy and ripped out his throat. Much happier ending!

Unfortunately the Green party won enough seats for a minorty government.

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Second non-wonderful animal thing Xeni posted today.

This comment summed it up.

Xeni seems to have lost sight of the true meaning of ‘cute’

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Waiting for the Part2: “Revenge”

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This is really mean. Giving the dog treats at the end doesn’t make it okay to have gotten the dog genuinely frustrated, stressed and angry for your own selfish (and, frankly, sadistic) amusement.


YouTube wankers know no limits. I recall its early days when there seemed to be more than a few vids of parents allowing their sleepy nodding babies to slowly slip out of their high chairs and (in some cases) fall to the floor.

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Yikes. I didn’t read that. Now I’m glad I didn’t.

Reddit has another video of a Labrador Retriever playing the same whack-a-mole with hotdog game, only the Lab scores a bite of hotdog every couple of tries and seems to be enjoying the game.

Did … did the one dog get its eye poked out with a hotdog?


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