High school football coaches fired after allegedly forcing player who eats Kosher to eat pork

Really, anytime you get into the more rural areas of the country, regardless of where it is geographically, you start to trend more right-wing and racist. The southern US is just unique in that many of its major cities are still red dominated rather than blue.

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Beta Israel are probably the most well known group to people outside of the US. They are a very different culture to Black Hebrew Israelites.


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Indeed, that’s always a go to… they have a very long history. Many have taken advantage of Aliyah since the late 70s.


In my NYC days, I used to enjoy the spectacle of the Hebrew Israelite street preacher lunatics arguing with passersby. It was funnier street entertainment than watching the 3-card Monte dealers or the trash-talking chess hustlers in the park.

Once I tried my hand at it at their Union Square pitch, playing the innocent. “Oh, you’re Black Jews. That’s so interesting. Like … um … from Ethiopia, right?” The guy, in full Levite regalia, blew his top and yelled at me as he denied it, calling me ignorant and demanding that I “Read!” (their catchphrase, accompanied by banging on one of the texts they’re peddling). Since I was expecting a negative and agro response*, I wasn’t taken aback and had a good laugh.

[* pretty much a given even if you agree with them 100%]


Yeah, at most high schools, “coaches” were just PE teachers who stay after school for practice (for which they may receive some slight additional pay) and outside volunteers. If so, they are firing all the school’s PE teachers because of the head coach’s single act?

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It is all just different color hats.

3:10-3:40 - RD Vlogs: Waiting for God - YouTube

Sure. Let’s boil down other people’s beliefs down to different color hats. Not like they’re real people after all… just some weirdos that can be mocked… /s


They’re definitely real people, which I care about, but almost all religious differences are just different color hats.

That’s just not true and it’s very dismissive of people’s beliefs, which shapes their lives in real ways. People have been murdered for wearing “a different hat” and have been influenced to kill others in the same way. There is a reason why there is not only a field of theology, but a field of history dedicated to studying the history and structures of religion- because these are things that are of world historical importance.

I get that it’s not “cool” to take these seemingly “minor” differences seriously because of “the God Delusion”, but we are mocking the lived reality of billions of our fellow human beings when we just chalk it up to “different hats.”

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Yes, generally killed by someone who believes in a different religion (or the same one but with slight differences). That is the heart of my point. In the video I linked which is a goofy comedy (and a great one), Lister doesn’t mock the people who died due to their different beliefs (even though he KNOWS their beliefs were wrong and silly). He feels sympathy for them. I feel sympathy for all those persecuted for their beliefs, but it doesn’t make me think those beliefs are anything other than just different color hats.

For the record, I strongly oppose anyone being persecuted because of their individual religious beliefs or lack thereof (or race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or whatever), as long as they aren’t forcing those beliefs on anyone else or otherwise behaving dangerously. I wish people weren’t so horrible to each other.

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“Didn’t force”? Bullshit. I’ve played enough team sports to know that “taking one for the team” is a very fucking serious responsibility and, therefore, the coaches not abusing the need to take one for the team is absolutely paramount. The peer pressure is huge (and, for a team sport, important) and if you cannot manage that beyond reproach, you’ve got no business coaching kids.

(Also, I was at a hotel once where there was a Black Israelite conference going on. If I would say “hi” to one of them in the elevator, if they were alone, they were nice as pie. If they were in a group, they would utterly ignore me. It was kind of weird).


There are quite a few holes in that Wikipedia article, but it’s all clandestine work, so while it’s not at the level of “if I tell you, I have to kill you”, it’s also not readily known by most historians and journalists.


Indeed, moreover it’s a cowardly and transparent attempt on the coaches’ part to avoid responsibility. They made someone do something, but because they used the threat of peer pressure to coerce the student, they’re trying to dodge responsibility for their own actions. And you can bet your bottom dollar they’re the kind of hypocrites who espouse the importance of personal responsibility, until of course it’s they themselves who have to accept personal responsibility.

Bullies and cowards, but I repeat myself.


I can’t wrap my head around either sentence. A) Every American city has a terrible history of racism; it has never been just a rural problem (or mostly a rural problem). B) Southern cities have been at the forefront off anti-racism fights since any of us were born and currently are not at all red-dominated. Seriously what white nonsense is this? I can’t imagine this comment coming from anywhere other than a northern city-dweller going to great lengths to delude themselves into thinking that the problem that’s obviously deeply ingrained throughout the entire country is really just an issue for those other people over there


Any adult who was present and allowed this to happen is unfit to be in charge of children. Full stop.


C’mon…Every good Christian knows that Moses’s second wife was black. Wait…they didn’t teach that in sunday school they day they taught how the ten commandments says marriage is for one man, one woman?

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