High school science teacher suspended for teaching science

Seriously, this is exactly the sort of detail that we need to watch for.

Any time you read of someone losing a job who just happens to be involved in a labor dispute or is known for labor militancy, you should pay attention. And that’s especially true in the case of school teachers. Teachers’ unions are perhaps the best example in the US of labor unions that directly and obviously fight for the public interest as they fight for the immediate interests of their members; they are both the primary defenders of the public school system, which has been under sustained attack for decades, and leading fighters for the labor movement in general.


True, but not exactly the stuff that most schools encourage. What did you do at school today my little chimpy-kins? We made thermite, and I was able to pull a big spike shape out of the molten iron with a pair of pliers!

Sadly, it is exactly this sort of demo that gets kids interested in science, and should be done more frequently regardless of the “danger” involved.

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