High school students create world's smallest humanoid robot

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Right. Because every household needs a 5 inch robot that can dance, play football, and do kung-fu.

I’d concentrate more on proving that robots that can do far more useful things without any size limitation, because miniaturization is inevitable…

This is an academic exercise designed to help students learn, innovate and challenge themselves on an engineering project they were actually excited about.

What was the most useful thing you invented in high school?


The bipedal movement part was accomplished by even smaller robots decades ago, but I guess without hip movement they can’t do the all-important twerking.


I invented daydreaming. It’s really caught on. You can’t monetize it easily, but I gave it to the world to use for free. Cause I’m just that kind of guy.

Still better than anything Musk has put out…

“Our robot plays football [aka soccer].”

Robots falls over… but it is not hurt. Just like football!

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According to the students, their aim was to design a “small, low cost, rechargeable and programmable” humanoid robot platform for STEAM education, particularly in underserved communities.

I guess it can serve small plates? Or audit a date when you’re too tired to audit how people treat short persons? It adds scotch bonnets into dishes…

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I had that very wind-up toy in the 1970s. But as to smallest, I’m surprised that somebody hasn’t made one of the various molecular “nanobots” in a vaguely humanoid shape just to capture the title of “smallest humanoid robot”.

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