High wind frustrates man's effort to drink water


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Is it just me, or does that look like enormous fun?

Maybe my take on “fun” is a little off.


This one (from atop Mt. Washington in NH) is funnier.


I think he’s doing it wrong.


If you think that’s comical you should see the guy who was trying to take a whiz.


I hear he also tugged on Superman’s cape…


Needs more Buster Keaton.


Like those challenges the crews in Antarctic stations come up with once the wind reaches a certain velocity. Pour a glass of milk, or walk once around the deck without grabbing the rail or falling down.


Just a bit too late for Towel Day!


How did he not die like 5 times in that clip?


The shot where the facade of the house falls on him and he remains standing through the open window is one of the most famous stunts in cinema. The director refused to be on the set when it was filmed



Aw, my sides ache from laughing. Thank you. They’re littering for a good cause.


Here’s a promo vid for a local microbrewery where they ran into this same problem


Keaton was basically the “real” director of all the films he made in his prime.


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