Oregon man attempts to walk in wind

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What is it with these mimes and strong winds?


A Master Mime would have created one of those invisible walls for shelter.


“Just heading out to take a piss…”

[moments later]

“Oh noooo!”


If you don’t know it’s windy, it looks a lot like this Quaalude scene in Wolf of Wall Street

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No wind, just a big Phil Collins-era Genesis fan

A two-fer for me today!

That’s the Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge. I installed the tile walkways and stairs outside on the second-floor and the working conditions were horrific. I was busting out the old stairs with a jackhammer and the wind just threw everything up in my face. There was hardly anything left to even clean up when I was done.


He probably can’t figure out a gas pump either…


There are parking spots in front of that low wall in the background. I once parked my minivan there during a high wind. When I opened the driver-side door, it was ripped from my grip and slammed forward, tearing the hinges so that the door hung down at an angle. I shoved it back into the frame and strapped it in place. Body shops wouldn’t even bid on repairing it, so from then on I entered and exited through the passenger side.


90 miles per hour is 144 km/h. So thats 75% of terminal velocity. Its the same as climbing a 67 degree upwards slope.

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After years of Florida man we finally meet Oregon man - can the other states with their own idiosyncratic mans be far behind?

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90 mph winds, ppsshhh, yeah right… he’s drunk!

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