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Continuing the discussion from Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they thought it was cold:

Here’s the very same people driving across the Bonneville Salt Flats despite it being protected area where you’re not allowed to drive when there’s water on the flats.

It turns out the douchebros were on a Shame Canada tour to promote their line of douchebro-wear. With lots of corporate sponsorship. The CBC has the story.

There’s a Facebook group dedicated to documenting their douchebaggery. (Not to be confused with their own Facebook page.)


[Specifically] (https://web.archive.org/web/20151019033128/http://sundayfundayz.com/partnerships/):
Red Bull
Bud Light
Motts Clamato
The Pink Palace, Corfu, Greece
blueprint, Vancouver, Canada
Skydive the City, Vancouver, Canada

I’m just annoyed that none of these are companies that I’d ever give money to, so a boycott is pretty much meaningless for my part.


After I head into America’s National Parks to set fire to stuff, drive my 6x6 jeep where WIMMINS tell us not to go, or to dump my empties into the largest natural spring I can find, the cool, spicy taste of Motts Clamato juice always gives me the energy to go the extra mile! So if I want to shit on the Park Warden’s doorstep, or lead bears into tent-camping areas, I drink Motts Clamato.

Motts Clamato: Fuck you if you can’t take a joke.


If you’ve been drinking tomato juice and thinking, “Hmm. Needs clam”, try Motts Clamato. Because apparently you’ve burnt off way too many brain cells with Red Bull.


I’m mildly surprised Axe Body Spray isn’t on the list.


I’m disappointed that they were let back into Canada, but I suppose we had no choice. Canada maintains its niceness by rejecting people like them (and Bieber and Cruz) like an immune system.

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