Bison gores a woman at Yellowstone National Park, sending her to a hospital

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I visited Yellowstone in May. I saw some REALLY dumb human behavior.

#1 on the stupid list:

A big bison was grazing on a grassy strip by the parking lot of the Yellowstone Inn.

There was a couple with cameras standing . . . 10’ away? At most?


Maybe EA wasn’t entirely wrong about people enjoying surprise mechanics.


I grew up in cattle country and learned early-on not to interact with large, moody herbivores. We (much later) drove thru Yellowstone in a small RV… with bison stampeding beside us - big, smelly thangs, they are. We felt no urges to reach out and touch them. YMMV if you survive.





I think a lot of people don’t fully appreciate how fast large moody herbivores can run. And how these herbivores will not only run away, but also straight at you. And when a one-ton pointy-ended creature is running at you faster than you can get away, your day goes downhill quickly.


Hanging around cattle in my youth helped me in my military service, when I was assigned to stand guard at the Fort Riley, Kansas ammo dump, located within a bison preserve. Intruders would be stomped.

Lesson: Do not argue with a one-ton beast charging at you.


Men wearing hats at the dinner table… perhaps?


I’ve told this one before, but replanting it here seems fitting. A summer hire told us of a visit he and his best friend made to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It’s a drive-through zoo where the animals roam free and the friend insisted on taking his new BMW. (See where I’m going with this?) Along the way they stopped to watch some baboons. One of the baboons apparently didn’t like what he saw because he spun and rocketed into the car’s driver’s side door (leaving a huge dent) then instantly ran off, all as if it was planned from day one. :smiling_imp:


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Interesting story but it seems like some details may be misremembered. There was a real drive-through Safari Park in Irvine, CA where you got to take your own car through, but that closed decades ago. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park only offers tram tours and never allowed people to take their own cars through, as far as I can find.

That said, it’s certainly plausible that he got his BMW wrecked by a baboon somewhere. Or maybe he was driving through the campus at Stanford and his car was attacked by Dr. Robert Sapolsky, who is often mistaken for a baboon.

I saw the headlines out of the corner of my eye and I thought that a bison had gored Meagan Kelley. That was a good moment…

…a new BMW… attacked by monkeys… … … … so sad… … …

Well at least she didn’t encounter a massive murder Bullwinkle

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The place in my brain that stores “drive-through park places” blesses you! :blush:

Yeah, it was a monorail and then “safari cars” right from the beginning. I loved the San Diego Zoo as a kid, but the Wild Animal Park was a real treat. It seemed much more exotic.

ETA, clarification that I was agreeing.

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