Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, 3 seconds at a time

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I love these thru-hike videos. I’d love a little animated map to go with them.


Oh cool! I have a friend doing that hike right now. I feel like I’m there now.

Thru hiked in 2005. It is amazing how many of the places are still instantly recognizable to me.

I’ve had the great joy of hiking some of these very trails! This is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to watch but can’t get past the camera shake. Anyone planning a (worthwhile) endeavour like this should invest in a stabilizer. I bought the GoPro one and now every shot I take feels cinematic. Highly recommend.

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YES WE GET IT living in California is much preferable to everyone else’s miserable situation.

But anyway, this reminds me: what is that whole thing where capital-H Hikers use ski poles to walk along flat ground?


Because sometimes the ground isn’t always completely flat, and it’s easier to carry stability poles all the time than it is to stop and get them out every time you really need them. Besides, toppling over with a 60lb backpack isn’t as fun as it looks. Also, a lot of hikers use those poles to support their tent.

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Groovy hiphop soundtrack via Pretty Lights - I Can See it in Your Face.

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