Hilarious redubbing of Trump's voice in Stephanopoulos interview


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A “funny” voice, huh?


This video is awful. It makes Trump more likable.


Oh, that voice, that’s not fair or funny to anyone at all.


I choose Charles Nelson Reilly…

“Vladimir Putin said if you think my politics are red, you ought to see my blank…”


“I don’t think I’ve ever met him.”

Good point, I don’t think I’ve ever met the President of the Russian Federation either, but hey, maybe I did and I just don’t remember it.


Right? Like he wouldn’t remember meeting Putin! And like anyone would believe that he wouldn’t remember such a thing. (Oh wait, I guess his fans believe pretty much everything he says…)


I can totally understand why Trump thinks Putin is a great guy . . .


Wow. Yes, it totally makes sense. Just reach out and take whatever you want. Of course Trump would admire a man who acts like that. And who has the power to act like that.


You beat me to it (different thread).


The “funny” voice is more appealing than Trump’s own, so… But the content - “I have a relationship with him. I never had a relationship with him. What do you mean by relationship? I said nice things about him. Just because I said he was a strong leader, it doesn’t mean I was complementing him [said in another interview]. I complemented him.” He doesn’t just lie, he doesn’t just contradict himself at every turn, he jumps back and forth between whatever versions of reality reinforce whatever he’s trying to say at the moment, so he’ll say something, claim he never said such a thing and then go back and reiterate what he said the first time.
Also, it’s funny that he still thinks that Putin complemented him, much less that Putin had multiple nice things to say about him. Putin said he was “colorful” (as in eccentric) and Trump heard that as “bright” which became “genius” - now it’s turned into who-knows-what.


I watched the whole video, and was amazed that Serafinowicz was able to find such ignorant, vacuous statements to exactly match Drumpf’s lips. Then I read the blurb more carefully, and discovered that it was Drumpf’s own words. That made it even funnier! (Well, and more scary, if that’s possible.)


The fun part is that Don keeps trying to get photo ops with politicians, and it took several tries to actually get in the same room as Ronald Reagan. For all of his many faults, Ron did not like Don, Ron did not want to dine with Don, and Ron told Don “no” more than once.

Don had a bit more luck with Bill, but Bill (and maybe Hill) saw Don was a con, and thus conned Don. They got Don to donate by pushing his buttons, and Don was so happy to be next to a former president that he made bad deals with Bill and Hill.

Now Don the con is being killed by Hill, what a thrill!


I was having so much fun that I forgot about how Don the con was name-dropping bad old Vlad, and now that Vlad is bad for Don’s current con, he’s been puttin’ Putin at arm’s length. Poor Don!


The voice reminded me of Corky from “Waiting for Guffman”.


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