HILL ON SONDLAND 'He was involved in a domestic political errand'

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If this were 1974, GOP leadership would be having closed-door meetings with Trump & his staff informing them that resignation was the only option.

In 2019, the first and only reaction from Republicans is to engage in knee-jerk denial and counter-attack.

Don’t get me wrong, the GOP leadership of 1974 was not my idea of good people, either, but at least they believed in something involving the continuation of our system of government.


Dr Hill and Mr Holmes have been stunning and the GOP have proven to be incompetent, corrupt, or both.


As an aside. Remove the word Republican and replace with trump and here we are.


I’m sure a number of GOP senators are thinking about it, but so far doubt any would actually do it.

Unless we see voters’ opinions once again move toward favoring removal from office, of course. Under Pelosi and Schiff, the House Democrats are building what I think is quite a strong case, but that hasn’t swayed public opinion yet.

So I’m hoping for the best, but not expecting much.



So many great scenes in that movie. Some of the best in all movie-dom, I’d argue. And I only watch the re-dux, BTW.


Dr. Hill drove the bus over tRump Co., and then backed it up and peeled out on them for good measure.


Not how the GOP see it OFC.


After three years of this circus, I can’t just give a pass to anyone who still calls themselves Republican but has sat by doing nothing to restrain this idiot.


…and they didn’t belong to Rootin’ Tootin’ vladimir putin.

You know, if the repubs would fight as hard for the middle class and minorities as they are for the douche in the oval office, it might even be a refreshing change.


I watched some of the hearings live, and mainly noticed that Nunes used his time to advance conspiracy theories by asking the witnesses “Do you know what the ‘black ledger’ is?” and “Were you aware of Hunter Biden working for Burisma?” etc. All these things unrelated to them, and they would basically say stuff like “well, I learned about this later from news reports.” A very obvious way to get conspiracy theories into the public record, and to promote them live on TV.

In American politics today the standard Trumpkin can watch the proceedings and nod their head in agreement with everything Nunes says, and claim victory.

There is no point in the left and right in the USA having any political conversation, because we can’t agree on ground rules for “reality.” All we really have left is elections to try and stabilize the rapidly tilting ship of state, and the GOP is working on monkey-wrenching our elections too.


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