Hillary Clinton isn't the only US politician who used a private account to avoid official email

Don’t like HC, looking for someone else to make a symbolic donation to for the primary, but the entire justification for the Benghazi-snipe-hunt is that the ®s think people with your concerns are morons and they really don’t give a shit. That may be a hard thing to swallow, but have you actually followed the lameness that is the Benghazi-gate? The lamest lame of Lamedonia. It’s your basic reality-tv editing with North Korean levels of diplomatic hyster… androstearics.


This isn’t new news. We’ve known about politicians doing this since at least Palin with her Yahoo! (or was it Hotmail?) account. Yeah,both sides do it. But nobody every does anything when they are exposed. I don’t care who you are. If people want to whip Clinton for it, fine. They’d better be whipping the Republicans that also did it. If not, then it’s just partisan bullsh-t.


it is only if the other people’s feet weren’t held to the fire, too. and apparently, theirs weren’t.

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I strongly disagree. The other person did it too is not a valid excuse - not for a 5 year old (who by far, use it the most) and certainly not for an elected official breaking the law.

All those other people should be prosecuted too if they did it knowingly to avoid disclosure laws, but that certainly doesn’t let Clinton off the hook.

Good god, she probably had classified communications going through an email account that some random guy managed.



Everytime we talk about Bush and Clinton as the two obvious candidates, I throw up a little in my mouth. If it wasn’t for the like 3 “wedge” issues that superficially divide them, we would have about as much choice in who we get to have as a leader as the Russians do.

Personally, I am sickened that Hillary is so far ahead in polls. After the miserable failure that was Obama, I would have thought that Democrats would be rearing for some real change. Obama at least pretended to be anti-establishment. Hillary doesn’t even pretend. A vote for Hillary is essentially a vote for Dubya Bush, as is, hilariously enough, a vote for Jeb Bush.

I really, desperately, hope that Democrats pull their heads out of their asses and nominate a real liberal. Elizabeth Warren might be a bit too touchy-feely for my taste, but god damn it all, I would take a true believer who I mildly dislike over a straightup establishment drone like Hillary. Ditto for the Republicans. I would take a crazy fucking loon like Ron Paul long before I would take another fucking Bush.

On the plus side, I don’t live in a swing state so my vote literally doesn’t count. I get to throw my vote in the trashcan of a third party without any sort of regret or guilt. Hurray “democracy”.


I’m fine with throwing Hillary under the bus if it means we can prosecute the other ones as well.


It’s good to know the GOP can rejuvenate the Benghazi nonsense for a little while longer to make life difficult for the Clintons instead of, you know, being in charge of Congress and doing actual governance and oversight.


If Benghazi and E-mail/gate is what the G0P is resting it’s 2016 hopes on, well good luck in 2016, that ain’t going to pull Hillary out of the 2016 race, and it sure won’t keep her out’a the White House.

Those who used RNC email addresses arguably did a lot worse, as RNC servers apparently deleted messages after 30 days.

Anyway, I’m not sure what the controversy is about: using unsecure communications or failing to turn everything over. If it’s about the latter, then I think that pretty much no one has complied with requests to turn over all communication.

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We kinda should. Don’t you see? This non-issue about the emails is going to do nothing but distract from the non-issue that is Benghazi. Wait, though. It’s all connected! It was Benghazi all along!

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I’m not sure if matters if most rank and file democrats are ready for change… the leadership isn’t, and much like the republicans, the leadership has a strangle hold on the whole process. That’s the problem, that Nader was talking about for the past couple of decades - there isn’t much difference between the two parties (except on social issues) and that they control the vetting process, and that’s why 3rd parties aren’t effective.

The email server flap and the Benghazi flap are connected. They are both about people being able to find out what HRC and other top gov’t people knew and when they knew it. (Note: this is not an endorsement of vengeful partisan hysteria-mongering, only an observation about government record retention.)

Hang on there.

Consider the long game she -might be- playing. She knew that those folks had done the same-ish thing -with less transparency- and I really think she set them up to make exactly these accusations, as the conservative mindset cannot help but accuse when they see someone else who can get pilloried for that which they also do.

Why would the republicans assume shenanigans, if they were not well aware of what they had got away with already?

I’m not decided, and this whole ‘debacle’ is bringing one point closer to Clinton '16.

I wager two quatloo that when the review of her usage is complete, it will be nearly to entirely unimpeachable, and there will have been a petard hoisting or two along the way.

Conspiracy by induction?

I’m required to only use my work email when I’m doing work, I certainly don’t see why top politicians should be held to a lesser standard than a lowly engineer. The reason we should care is that the current administration, despite their promises, hasn’t exhibited any better attitude towards transparency than the last one, and something like this would seem to indicate that, should she be elected, it won’t be a priority for the next one either. (Not to say that it’s likely to be a priority for any of the candidates, unless Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren gets elected, but it is a serious issue that we should be bringing everyone in power in government to task over.)

The reason people can’t figure out what is supposedly at the heart of the Benghazi “scandal” is the theory that there was a live video feed of the event and that Hillary watched the ambassador being ass raped by the mob. The is based on the GOP’s eternal obsession with ass rape - hot, dripping, male flesh slapping on male flesh, ass rape oh god oh god oh god oh god.

Go ahead just google “ambassador stevens was raped” to see what the Tea Party faps to


if we can get all the previous ones prosecuted too, then fine. but to focus on her is just because it’s HER, and that’s what i have a problem with.

Howdy, you must be new to American style politics.
I was only speculating that all this might be related to Benghazi.

Shit, I just realized that Benghazi is from 2012!

I was just speculating on the possible coincidence, but…well…nah?