Hip shop name generator


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Blood & Gingham: Purveyor of fine artisanal malted syrups since 2014.

That’s it. Time to quit my job.

Still planning on naming a company “Millennium, Hand, and Shrimp” some time.


“Anchor & Clam”

So it’s a hip-shop chip-shop generator. Cool.


There is a pub somewhere in the world with that name.

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A twelve hour TV miniseries chronicling the joys and hardships of armed service women in a modern day, female dominated Pax Romana.

The first alternate history action/drama series to conform to Bechdel test standards for over 90% of the dialogue in each episode.


Looks like it’s going to be one of those days:


I got Rye & Pepper. That’s a nice one. A pub, maybe.

It looks like it should be a logo for that neo-nazi vegan cakeshop in Camdem

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I’m torn. Spies and Spindle, or Goat and Faucet?

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