Hippo attacks car


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IIRC Hippos have the murder high score in Africa.

Also, they are the only land mammal with internalized testicles (IIRC).

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Hippos are best given a wide berth. And if you see their teeth it quite easily believable they are as dangerous as everyone says they are.


Not sure about that—if I saw one of those things running at me I don’t think mine would ever descend again.


Sing along time!

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do …


The hippo was just trying to knock his phone out of vertical position.


They are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal in Africa.

However, they are not alone in having internal testes.

Undescended testes is a basal characteristic in mammals that is unchanged in monotremes (platypus and echidna), some insectivores, xenarthrans (sloths, anteaters, and armadillos) as well as elephants. In these species, the testes remain deep in the abdomen.

Descended but ascrotal testes are found in hippos, tapirs, rhinos, and some bats. These move closer to the body surface but don’t make the final trip outside.

And there are some mammals that only have scrotal testes during breeding season, such as squirrels, some bats, and some primates. Testes housed indoors otherwise.

Probably more than anyone wanted to know, but there you are.


That’s what you get for trying to brake-check a hippo.




'Cept mosquitoes. You know, malaria and all.


To think we were wondering how you got your name!


not like getting off a gated or blocked parking space (…thinks like modern man does)


The film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Congo is pretty bad, but I generally watch the first part of it when it’s on (a) because it has Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry, Joe Don Baker and Delroy Lindo in it and (b) because the hippo attack scene is awesome.


There’s where you went wrong in your comment.


That hippo is still mad about Trump getting elected.


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