Hipster Hitler has rueful smile in new Amazon app icon

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/26/hipster-hitler-has-rueful-smile-in-new-amazon-app-icon.html

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Even given what their arrow/smile logo is usually compared to … this is worse.


I don’t see it.

I mean, I see it of course but it’s a bit of a stretch and wouldn’t have been my first association.


Imagine it being the lower half of a face. See the penis arrow as a smile, and the little ribbon thing as a nose (or mustache), then let your imagination fill in a couple of eyes.

lol… I see what you’re saying, but I also kind of like it regardless. Probably could’ve done a better job though.

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Yeah, as I said, I see it of course. It’s just not a very convincing association to my brain.


I would likely not have gone there independently, but now I cannot unsee it.


One of the first headlines I saw on my phone’s lock screen this morning was about a large company’s new iOS icon, and I thought “Well yeah, of course they believe they need to crank out an article about anything more than ten people would read.” then went about with my morning.

Then I saw this and now all my brain can say is “Just look at it!”

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Ehhhh - I don’t see it. It looks like a ribbon. If it was part of face, it would be a nose. Not anywhere near the upper lip area.


I guess it’s like those people who see dirty innuendo in everything, like pornographic images in children’s books. Once you’re primed to see certain kinds of imagery, you can’t turn it off.

I saw it before I even read the headline. “Hey, it’s a blue Hitler 'stache.”

Also, the icon is not an improvement. I thought it was for their Kindle book offerings because the blue thing reminded me of a book mark. The a with the arrow under it was fine and instantly identifiable as Amazon.

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I don’t see Hitler, but I do see a design so awful that it looks like something I would have come up with in my high school graphic arts class. Mr. Haynor would’ve kicked my ass for creating something that ugly.


It’s usually the Daily Mail though

Yes, I get it, the Mail is looking for a replacement for their Fuehrer. They don’t need to get so desperate about it though.


Hitler Retail & Delivery Services notwithstanding, the icon is a 12 year step backwards to the 1st Gen iPad/iPhone icon aesthetic. Would have been great in 2010, now it’s old and dumb and oddly juvenile. All those dollars and still no sense.

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This isn’t that webcomic…

I agree. I dont see the Hitler, as such. (It’s just too far from the icon’s “philtrum”.)

However, I dont know what the “blue” is supposed to suggest, either. A misplaced napkin?


Yeah, it’s a few pixels too low to look like a mustache. Which also makes it an easy fix; just drop the smile a few more and/or shorten the ribbon.

Looks like they tried to clean it up by making the tape blue, still though…

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