"His actions have consequences," son of convicted Capitol rioter tells CNN

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If the GOP gets its way it will soon be impossible to distinguish one from the other.


Indeed, he does.

He’s also living the dream right now of a lot of teenagers stuck with dads who are major assholes.


Yeah. I gotta think that this kid saw his father’s violent tendencies and is just glad that he’s not going to be the target of them anymore. You gotta think someone who’d rather their father was in prison than at home is someone who’s suffered a lot of trauma at the hands of the father.


My niece and nephews right now. My aunt had a few relatives join her for a small family gathering recently, and my older brother went along with one of my nephews…but only after a strong admonishment from my dad to show up sober and not mention politics, guns, or racist opinions in any way, shape, or form.
He scares the shit out of those kids, but he’s also the only father they have.


I hear and feel you, but as someone who was reminded throughout his childhood that “you don’t get to choose your parents” - sure, maybe, but you also have the choice to cut them out of your life.

There’s no rule that says every child must have a mother and father, especially if they’re assholes.


Came here to say the same, was not disappointed. That woman can kiss right back off to her hellscape if she thinks Patriotism involves insurrection attempts and trying to murder other politicians.


Had he succeeded, Reffits actions would also have had consequences.

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Um, yeah. Different ones.

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Had to ditch mine for my own well-being and my kid. I do not regret it. Though I regret it was necessary


No regret is ever necessary when it’s about abuse. Sorrow for the existence of abuse is one thing but regret should never lay any weight on your sholders.


I hope this young man and his sisters find the healing they need. It is hard to stand up to one’s parents, particularly abusive ones.
I don’t hold out much hope for their mother, but maybe she can begin to heal and improve herself with the husband’s poisonous influence gone. It will take work. She may be a victim, but it also sounds like she was a collaborator in the family disfunction


Lucky for that young man that he isn’t a chip off the old block(head).


I like the cut of ‘this young mans’ jib (dangerous to take authority by ones longevity)

Assuming the blockheadedness of the father and the chip off of any offspring that that violent father/stereotype may bring is a very dodgy proposition…

Assumes a judgement that only God can provide .

Don’t believe in God myself… folk should watch their tounge.

Good on ya. I don’t believe in ‘sunk costs’ or letting anyone be an albatross around one’s neck… not even if they are family.


Damn, that kid is cogent AF!

Makes one hell of an origin story for the 49th President of the United States!

Jackson Reffitt, 2032!!

[…joking/hoping; mark it.]
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If the GOP’s Climate Change response policies are anything to go by, Texas will be hotter.


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