History of the Ouija Board


Elijah Bond’s headstone in Baltimore’s Greenmount Cemetery.

and the reverse bearing an engraved version of the patent artwork:


Shouldn’t there be a planchette attached to a cord, so that one can have a chat with him?


Weegee boards make me sad. A friend of mine was dying in the hospital, and had lost the ability to speak, but his relatives would not let me bring him a Ouija board because they were frightened of what they perceived as non-Christian (meaning satanic, to them) spirituality associated with the device. So we had to do tedious pantomimes and alphabet recitations in order to have any semblance of a two-way conversation.


I honestly don’t mean to make light of your loss. You have my sympathy. And your idea seems like a good one. But wouldn’t a poster-board or card with the alphabet on it have been just as successful as the weegee?


Agreed. Why didn’t somebody just grab a pen and pad of paper? Using a ouija board to communicate would be much more work.

In all fairness, by the time this incident happened, Terry could not write, and his ability to comprehend written language was sporadic. The root cause of the problem was fully metastasized lung cancer. What eventually killed him was an inoperable tumor in his brain. Although he was still “all there” in terms of personality, right to the end, he had increasingly major cognitive deficits and physical handicaps as the condition progressed.

I did make a hand-scrawled alphabet chart, but his vision and co-ordination were not so good, so something like the planchet and arc of letters could have been much better. And while I admit that there was nothing that could be done that wasn’t going to be difficult for everyone involved, having people reject even trying the idea immediately, for fear of metaphysical interference, was saddening and frustrating in a situation that was already as sad and frustrating as you would think could be possible. Which is why I still can’t see a Ouija board without remembering it. I prolly shouldn’t have mentioned it to start with; sorry to bring y’all down.


I thought the “Hector Salamanca fingering Walter White*” scene was awesomely creepy just the way it was.

[*You know what I mean, you sicko.]

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