Gravestone of Ouija board inventor

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I am not 100% sure I trust this photo. You have disappointed me, internet.


pic of planchette in OP not showing for me

and here’s the board

Nirvana should have used the planchette for the cover art on Heart Shaped Box.

edit: switched ouija image from a hotlink to a pasted-in screenshot


Broken link on the second image, FYI!

Also, are we feeling particularly morbid today, @frauenfelder? :wink:



if you can see it, then it’s not broken; i just dragged in the url of the page where the image, and only the image, is hosted – i meant to do that.

if you can’t see it, then i dunno 'cause i can.

if you mean you want to see the page with the content created for that image to go along with, here goes:

it’s toward the bottom

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I dunno either… I’m getting a 403 forbidden thingie when I go to the webpage from the image… but I can see it fine from the link you gave here. Weirdness!

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Wouldn’t one have to defy gravity to use the tomb stone Ouija?

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