Hit-and-run suspect to victim: "Look what you did to my car"


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Re the driver…Christ, what an asshole


Speak for yourself. I am left in complete wonder trying to determine how some piece of shit could run over a guy one to three times and then complain about the body damage… to their vehicle…

I found the video.

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Not to diminish anybody’s outrage here, but what it sounds like is the owner of the car, the women, saying to her friend, the driver of her car: “look what you did…”, she was not addressing the victim. Does not make them any less despicable, but let’s at least understand how their indifference fell.


There is a worse case than this.
Back in the early 90s when I was a young fireboy…
(fade to damp rural Oregon night)
-Drunk driver puts pickup truck #1 into ditch on a steep rural road near the top of the hill.
-Car #2 stops and offers help, (non-4x4 pickup trucks have little weight in the back and get stuck easily in muck)
-driver and passenger from car #2 hold onto tailgate and bounce on the bumper as drunk trucker #1 spins the wheels.
-drunk #1 trucker’s wheels grab some traction with help from people of car #2
-driver of car #2 falls into the road when truck #1 bounces back up onto road surface
-drunk trucker #1 reverses to go into correct direction rolling over helpful driver of car #2 and smashing into car #2
-lined up on the road trucker #1 drives over driver of car #2 again and heads home never to be seen again
-car #3 comes over hill drives over injured driver of car#2
-driver of car #3 calls 911
-we arrive 5min later in fire engine

Either this is the best night of helpful driver of car #2 because he survived or the worst night for getting run over three times and his car smashed for helping some drunk get back onto the road.

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Welcome to the Entitled Snakes of a Merry Cow.


Geez. And then people wonder why most people walk/drive by an accident rather than stopping.

I knew a cab driver (friend of the family) who stopped to help someone with a flat tire on the highway and lost both legs due to being run over (hit and run, of course) while he was in the process of changing the tire. Lost his legs and his livelihood just for being a nice guy.

Dude shouldn’t have been out on the streets without wearing a car. What did he expect?


I notice that the top of the news site’s page says “True Jersey.” Finally, truth in journalism.

The first and only time I have seen someone hit by a car was aged 11 or 12, and it was a fellow pupil of my school. The first thing the guy did when he got out of the vehicle was check the front of it for damage.

I plead Allignment

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Only if you agree to allow the Jugs of Wine for Owls.

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