'Hitler just wanted to make Germany great,' Candace Owens of Trump-aligned TPUSA says in London


You’re overthinking it. When someone is propagating a subtle lie, you need a subtle counter. When someone is telling a great big lie, you just just call them a great big liar. A dozen people have demonstrated it so far this thread.


I’ve noticed that the right are often caught up in labels. Being called a nazi is bad. Acting like one is not. Hence terms like “alt- right”.


Gross. It was gross, not great.


No argument from me on that! I lean socialist myself. It really chaps my ass when some right wing buffoon tries to claim that the Nazis were socialist, because it says so right there in their name, and therefore the Nazis belong to the left. :face_vomiting:

I’m inspired to do a little diving on that particular nuance I brought up earlier. Although that nuance is probably lost folks, might be worth simplifying it a bit to, to trot out at the next family BBQ when someone repeats that odious argument.


But they are hiring the best they can get.






More likely MI5


Not an American, and much more complicated than just “standing up for Hitler”, but:


right. Because if he had only killed jews, gays, gypsies, and the handicapped in Germany, but left other countries alone that would be ok right?

I think I’m catching something from living here in So. Cal. because I can’t even anymore…


“The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize.”” sez the spokesperson of the American organisation attempting to export MAGAism to the UK.

Yeah I agree, please fuck off Candace.


Oh sure, but she’s hoping to get a book deal first, or possibly even be on Dancing on the Stars before it comes to that. You’re just not looking at the big picture.


And of course Trump had Russian ties, Brexit bankrollers were meeting with Russians, Farage was doing something with Assange. But since they were planning internation nightmares instead of dreams, it’s all kosher.


And in the very same talk, there was this:

They aimed to explode the idea that the Labour leader is more in tune with the views of young voters, and in doing so won’t pull any punches in describing Corbyn as anti-Semitic, Kirk told the audience.

“Every day, please, just say, ‘Oh, you mean the anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn?’” Kirk said. “Just say it in every single pattern of the language and sentence.”

Owens suggested that Trump, if he were involved in British politics, would have demolished Corbyn as a political opponent by giving the Labour leader a nickname similar to those he gave Hillary Clinton (“Crooked Hillary”) and Ted Cruz (“Lyin’ Ted”).

“Like ‘Jew-hater Jeremy,’” Kirk interjected.

Owens laughed. “Jew-hater Jeremy.”

I am having difficulty processing a pitch that straddles both this and the notion that Hitler would have been fine if he’d just stayed in his lane.


Exactly. There is not even a direct connection between the “germanoi” described by greaco-roman authors and those living in the same area since the Early Middle Ages thanks to the population shift during the Migration Period. The ethnogenesis is based on language.


Turning into? That was their entire purpose, to convince college kids that it’s cool to be Nazis by dressing up in diapers to own the libs. Since day 1 their tactics have been to lie and cheat and steal and use billionaire’s money to dupe people onto their team and then use a “safe” word to replace them blaming the Jewish media for any criticism.


It has nothing to do with accuracy or consistency, TPUSA just aims to create memes that people repeat over and over to defend their political sport team - and they pretend that all politicians behave this way. Not supporting Israel is an extremely effective way to convince people someone hates Jews in the United States because so many Christians support efforts like moving the capital to Jerusalem since it is Jesus’ home town.

TPUSA is also an organization is asymmetric power for its actual support because they have billionaires propping up their unpopular and toxic brand and money gets feet in doors, but ultimately it is run by racist idiots whose best defense is that they have 1 black friend.


They illegally put dark money into campus politics, possible down to the high school level. That’s why the right created the big lie that Obama was sending the IRS after right groups, to shield the “charity” groups that are breaking the law.


IIRC, the National Socialist thing started right after WWI, as an alternative to the explicitly internationalist socialist parties of the era. Hitler was never really interested in the socialist part of the thing, unlike many other early party leaders, so as the NSDAP grew, he sidelined the socialist element to win over the rural conservatives and to gain the support of big business as a counterweight against socialists / communists they were afraid of. (Remember that the Soviet revolution, and the aborted communist revolutions in Germany, were still fresh on people’s minds, and a lot of the early Soviet leaders had been extremely outspoken about exporting the revolution.) By the time they got into power, National Socialists were socialist only in name, and the socialist aspects of the party platform were pretty much ignored. And in 1934, the Nazi leaders who actually believed in those parts were bloodily purged during the Night of the Long Knives.