'Hitler just wanted to make Germany great,' Candace Owens of Trump-aligned TPUSA says in London


I think most TPUSA supporters would be OK with at least some of that, considering the similarities between the two on transgender issues.

Socialism, transgender, immigration and POC are the frontlines in the fight against the modern far-right, just like socialism, LGBT and Jews were in 1930s Germany. We didn’t choose to be there, and all historical evidence shows that we can’t just ignore them.



Since it was a UK event, someone should have gotten her opinion on the wrongheadedness of the British Empire, in that room of hyper-Tory England-Firsters.

Obviously she’d have a lot of bad things to say about it, since it was so “international”.


And a sizeable chunk of Poland.


which itself is kind of interesting, cause it’s not like white blue eyed people were the only people speaking german, nor that german was the only language being spoke in that area.

it’s a story told to justify a series of power grabs.


Heh. An Untermensch licking the Nazi boot. Hitler would have loved it before he had her sent to the Camps.



On the European continent, the eastern remnant of Francia developed into the Kingdom of Germany, which became the most important part of the Holy Roman Empire proclaimed by Otto I in 962 AD.[162] The Holy Roman Empire included all remaining Germanic-speaking groups from the 10th century. In the Late Medieval to Early Modern period, some groups split off the Empire before a “German” ethnicity had formed, consisting of Low Franconian (Dutch, Flemish) and Alemannic (Swiss) populations.

Undermines the whole Nazi/Neo–Nazi/alt right race ideology. But when have fanatics ever been swayed by facts?


It’s much more serious than any number of facepalms. The Germans were doing the equivalent of facepalms about Hitler in the late 20s and early 30s. Trump is a menace to civilization.


And also because that has to happen before the rapture hits. The Dominionists have significant sway in the U.S. right wing.


According to the “deep thinkers” on the far-right, the National Socialists were socialist, but not nationalist.

(Damn the Cato Institute for not always being wrong!)


(If it makes you feel better, they could still be the “One plus one does not equal four, it’s supposed to be three!” kind of “right”.)



I guess in abnormal times, where the leadership is sociopathic – parasites and liars – and common decency in retreat at best, it follows that the path to greatness requires wallowing in shit.
I mean, this is sick. What an awful person and organization.



She is, unquestionably, a “very fine person”


You are correct. There was certainly a “socialist” component to Nazi German. (But so what?)

However, once this is established, conservatives start frothing at the mouth, and continue with their frenzied liberals = socialists = fascists = communists equation. Because 1890s Gilded Age laissez-faire capitalism is best capitalism.

Certainly Nazi Germany was continuing past Weimar policy, but, by doing so, it became Nazi policy. (Its not like 1933 was a democratic transition. It was a democratic coup. If the Nazis didn’t like a program, it would’ve been abruptly halted.)

Additionally, Nazis implemented programs of their own: eg, Strength Through Joy, a subsidized touristic program.

That’s conservatives’ modus operandi. Somehow, Communists and Nazis both exemplify extreme socialist/leftist ideology. National Review hack Jonah Goldberg wrote an entire fallacious book on this, Liberal Fascism.


The socialist elements existed in the Weimar Republic though, and social health care dates back to Otto von Bismarck. The Nazis didn’t create them, they just restricted access so that only “desirable” groups could use them.

Yet they are silent on the far more prominent nationalist side of the Nazis. Maybe talking about it makes them feel uncomfortable.


This video makes the case that the Holocaust was a self-funding operation, mainly through confiscated property.


To be fair Jordan Peterson doesn’t understand the difference between shit and shinola.


(Argh, you said the name and summoned the lobsters!)

He knows what his bread is buttered with.