Hitler meets The Colonel

For some reason, this delightful chicanery in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand underwent an image makeover in recent years. Its now called “H-ler.” (Time) READ THE REST

Kentucky Führer Chicken

Godwin’s law

Wings fit for the Luftwaffe!
Our combination of Enigma-Code herbs and spices in our frittieren huhn und our famous kartoffel skins are so wunderbar, after one bite you’ll stand at attention, thrust out your arm and yell out “Zieg Heil!”
Wash it all down with a refreshing, ice-cold Fanta.

If it’s a comment on the Colonel…b r i l l i a n t ! Although, I doubt this is the case…

Doesn’t Führer outrank Colonel?

Surely you mean, “Godwin’s slaw.”

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