Bizarre 1967 Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial




Stereotypical harridan: Who are you!?
Colonel: The new number two.
SH: Who is number one?
C: You are number six.


Ricky Bobby approves of this message!


I never knew you could overdose on scopolamine. I guess that’s why it isn’t available over the counter. That said, it is a godsend for those of us who are debilitated by motion sickness.


So wait . . . you’re saying the secret ingredient to KFC is scopolamine?

(runs off to KFC for lunch.)


I’m thinking this was produced by the same advertising agency that did my favorite IHOP ad. Clearly the Colonel’s secret ingredient is LSD…



Clearly the Colonel’s secret ingredient is Lysergic acid diethyl amide.


Jesus, what the hell was that, and what tv shows were interrupted by it?


I wish I could find it–I don’t even know if it’s real–but a friend told me he once heard the outtakes from a radio commercial Colonel Sanders did shortly before his death. He kept having trouble saying “extra tasty crispy recipe” and finally said, “Aw hell, what are y’all gonna make me do next? Sing?”


Yes, Negativland used it for a recording of theirs.


So you can get Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Twilight Zone?





Yes indeed! Tropane alkaloids such as atropine and scopolamine can have powerfully anti-cholergenic effects. In sub-lethal doses they are powerful deliriants which can cause you to see lots of very freaky stuff that isn’t there, but you would swear that it is. And they are easy to OD and die from.



No mention of Harry Egipt? Well, I like my nightmare chicken ads to have an Estonian flavor.



This music sounds like something from Raymond Scott.


Or as it seemed to be implied
You are, number six.”


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