KFC Commissions Painting For Guy Who Discovered Their Hilarious Twitter Secret

The Colonel Gets Weird:

"A few weeks ago (Distractify) wrote about a Twitter user who discovered that KFC only follows 11 people on Twitter. As a reminder, it was the five Spice Girls and six men named Herb. KFC has since rewarded that man for noticing this. They didn’t give him a lifetime supply of Kentucky Fried Chicken like you’d expect. Instead they got him something as weird as the rest of this. "


I must say I’ve been mostly enjoying this current advertising campaign to celebrate weirdness, but this easily takes the cake.

Reminder: it’s not 11 herbs and spices in there. Back in the 80s, this guy Poundstone bought a bag of the “11 herbs and spices” mix from a KFC employee and took it to a food chemistry lab for analysis: salt, pepper, and MSG.

Presumably the Colonel himself used the full eleven, but it is speculated that they were dropped after he sold the company.


Bob Ross would have dug this!

So would David Irvine:


I do recall hearing that he hated what they did to his recipe.


I’m not a KFC fan but dig their marketing. Sssiigghhh, i wish they were sellin lentils and salads, something ya knows good for ya, sometimes eat, but healthy food thats just boring and not…amusing. If they applied same marketing to that stuff Id eat at KFC all the TIME!

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Click for gallery with full issue:


what the…

Thank you. I guess I’ll get some KFC …slaw tomorrow. Geesh, sooooo weird…

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That is truly a work of demented genius.

But, aren’t we on Earth-Prime?

Wow! That’s crazy. The comic was probably a result of this study:

“2010: A survey by KFC shows six in 10 Americans age 18 to 25 (AKA that elusive millennial demographic) cannot identify the man in the KFC logo as Colonel Sanders; five in 10 don’t believe he’s a real person, and three in 10 have no clue who he is at all.” -Eater

I haven’t eaten KFC in probably 20 years but, I am loving the weirdness! Rob Lowe is funny in this strange ad for KFC Zingers in space:



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