Reba McEntire plays an androgynous Colonel Sanders in new KFC ad campaign


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That’s not Jeff Sessions with a goatee?


She’s all right, but it’s still a goddam commercial.


Next she’'ll be shilling Fast Food.


But wait, even though Reba just won a Grammy for her new gospel album, she is a leftist shill promoting the destruction of the human race with transgenderism and cultural Marxism.

It’s like conservatives found out about Poe’s Law and said “Hold my Beer”


Those glasses are great, though. Anyone know who makes those?


Rethinking my tolerance of gender fluidity.


Aw no! There’s now corporate genderfuckery?!


If there’s a profit in exploiting it, they’ll find a way.



The real Harland Sanders was a kid from Indiana who didn’t even move to Kentucky until he was in his 30s and never served in the military (“Kentucky Colonel” is a ceremonial title) so when you get right down to it the popular image of the Colonel was mostly a commercial/marketing construct from the beginning.


I didn’t really care one way or the other until I read that tweet from Mark Dice. Now I’m thinking, I could really go for some chicken.


I flew into Kentucky on a trip to Indiana and in the airport was a (plexi)glass-enclosed 2 ft statue of the Kentucky Colonel. I like what they did here, but I still can’t eat it.


Woah… next you’ll be saying the Santa Clause we all know and love was the marketing construct of a soft drink company.

Please, let us have our delusions.

edit: something about Reba , stirs my grits in a good way.


Uh-oh. They’re on to us…


Think of the possibilities if, instead of Hillary Clinton, they got Reba in the Sanders getup to read aloud from Fire & Fury at the Grammys.

And then Yngwie Malmsteen could come in & say “you’ve unleashed the fucking fury”

Really there is no other way to get thru that book.


So, uh am I like the only one thinking “why can’t the colonel just be a woman?” A bearded lady? uh, ok. But couldn’t they do something like this andro-colonel passes the torch to, uh, their younger daughter who is Reba not in drag but still in colonel regalia? It is nicely tongue in cheek, so that is a positive. Nice way to poke chic filet in the kisser. Maybe that Burger King network neutrality $26 whopper stunt is a smart move.


ill take 1 MacEntire, hold the ozone


Are you referring to vulvas? There’s a grown up word you can use Gary.

Somehow I don’t think you mean chartered accountants.


looks like the classic Ronsir