Reba McEntire plays an androgynous Colonel Sanders in new KFC ad campaign

The beard is a non-negotiable part of the brand, it’s even in the logo. It’s not unlike how they used Wendy’s pigtails in a different ad campaign.



If you are lucky to live next to a Gus’s Fried Chicken, you’ll forget all about every other chain.


They are doing to their founder what Ray Kroc did to the McDonald brothers. Not respectful.

The difference is that the McDonald brothers didn’t promote the restaurant by dressing up like clowns before Kroc bought the business. Harland Sanders turned himself into a human caricature long before anyone else did.



Is it terrible i’m left scratching my head wondering …‘why?’

Not fast food, good food made fast.

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Wait. Doesn’t that guy think aliens made the pyramids or something?

I kind of think nothing he has to say on any topic will have much value.

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