Hockey Noir: The Opera


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A bunch of years ago, I was sitting at a LA Kings Hockey game, noticing the music the game made. The skates on the ice. The slap of the sticks. The puck being handled and passed around. The grunts. The whistles. The roar of the crowd. The bursts of music clips. The Zamboni. And in that moment, I knew that I had come up with the idea that for my new opera it would have something to do with Hockey.





Now let me get this straight.

An opera…

…about hockey…

…in Film Noir style…

…by a comic book writer.

I’m both slightly bemused and curiously interested!


Funny enough this isn’t the first Hockey Opera to come out of California.
‘Darius: A Rock Opera’ tells the story of a barefoot hockey goalie. It’s actually pretty great if you like goofy fun melodrama.

Also, anything by Castellucci is worth checking out.


Oh noes, is The Toast now solely preserved at ? I wonder what happened?

At least it’s not gone for good.



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