Holocaust survivor's death in Paris being investigated as a hate crime


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the April 2017 killing of Sarah Halimi, a 66-year-old Orthodox Jewish physician and kindergarten teacher who was beaten in her apartment and then thrown out a window. Authorities suspect a Muslim neighbor.

“This was the same Paris arrondissement, several streets apart,” said Noémie Halioua, a French journalist with Actualité Juive and the author of a new book on the Halimi case. “And both victims were elderly women who lived alone and who had both previously complained of threats.”

66 <> Elderly.


Not to downplay the disturbing uptick in white supremecy activities in North America, but there have been a lot more violent acts towards Jews in France over the past couple of decades. Jews in France are hit both from the ultra right and from supporters of ISIS.


It’s as if the living memory of the Holocaust that made right-wing populism anathema in the West for 70 years isn’t dying off of natural causes quickly enough for the hatemongers who want to make fascism and theocracy great again.

I personally know of at least one French Jew who, after the FN’s showing in last year’s elections, decided she was finally done and was moving … to Germany. Not that it’s so great there, what with far-right populists taking a significant portion of parliament for the first time in 80 years, but she feels that one way or another France is more likely to backslide into its bad centuries-old habit of anti-Semitism sooner than Germany will.

The resurgence of right-wing populism and religious fanaticism means dark times for Jews wherever they are*, including in their official homeland and also in the “exceptional” country where they’re supposed to have finally transcended historical anti-Semitism:

[* pet Jews and kapos, too]


You make it out’a the Holocaust, only to be murdered in your home. I haven’t the words for it, I just want to take an ice pick to the mofo that did it.


See? No more witnnesses… now the Holocaust never happened!


But we shouldn’t defend ourselves because free speech /s


Erasing mass-murder with murder.


In the past year, bigots and fascists who were once too afraid to show their hate in public have made their way into the mainstream, emboldened by the politics of our times.

Yes, except… putting bigots and fascists next to each other in that sentence it makes it sound like it was some right-wing French nationalists / racists who did this. But it wasn’t. The guy who did this was certainly not a fascist or a French nationalist or any right-wing group.

  1. I thought that they hadn’t yet solved the crime? A suspect is not a conviction.

  2. ISIS and al-Qaeda are right wing groups. They’re reactionary sectarian theocrats, and are vigorously opposed by Arabic/Persian/Kurdish/Turkish/etc leftists.


Thereis no proof for that so far, so I wouldn’t throw around words like certainly. But yeah, the article and posts make it sound more ambiguous whether this crime was committed by “right wing bigots” or radicalised muslims than it is in all probability. Coincidentally, the enemy image of right wing bigots in Europe mostly hasn’t been jews for a good while, but muslims.


Wrong. It’s been both Jews and Muslims. But given the fact that Jews are quite rare in Europe these days, beating the Muslim hating drum turned out to be more effective, while the old Jew hating thing still appeals to the more traditional Nazis and conspiracy addicts.


But killing a little old lady like that was a grievous mistake on their part; it’s a clear demonstration of the ‘values’ that Nazis and their ilk hold dear.


How are Daesh supporters not right wing and fascist? By any sane definition, they are both things. They believe in an incredibly conservative version of Islam, and believe in destroying those who they believe oppose their attempt to build their version of a state.

And as others noted, it’s still speculation as to who did it at this point.


Well duh, it’s because they’re hated by rightwing fascists, I mean, republicans. So of course they’re opposites.




I should have said the current enemy image. Old prejudice still lives on. But as you said, muslim hate offers a much more tangible target these days while jew hate seems almost antiquated.


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