Home Needed for Two Dogs Near LA

Scouting LA, which is the new site of the Scouting NY guy, has a post about these two guys:

They live in the desert near LA, probably abandoned by their humans.

Do we know someone with the right setup to take them in? I wish I could, but we’re full up on dogs.

Maybe @Donald_Petersen has an inkling toward the right family?


Wow! Those guys look great! Man, I’m sorely tempted to bring 'em in myself… they’re exactly the size and apparent temperament for us. But we just adopted two kittens in September, so our resources and space won’t permit more additions.

But I’ll see if I can find anyone who might be interested. Thanks, @slybevel!


I posted your message to my facebook account. There’s many dog lovers and animal rescue helpers there.

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