Homophobic attitudes linked to psychological problems

See, there is your misunderstanding. It really is just men kissing at issue. Just about every other form of affection with gay men I feel very neutral towards, even gay porn.

You might see why I feel that way, considering.

Really beautiful. Middle-aged mega-queer here. I have had some unexpected sensual experiences with people way outside my attraction, identity and experience zone in recent years that have really transformed my sense of others’ embodiments of sensual, sensate and sexual beings through a lens of deep compassion. One of the delights has been watching my own “well known truths” about my own sensual, sensate and sexual self crumble and reform.

Self-growth is a good thing people. Even when it is scary.


This, and your defense of it, are straight up homophobia. You could do with some growth. The world will be a better place when you get over your self-righteous disgust at men kissing. I suggest seeking out opportunities to view it, and practice smiling on the inside.


I know, right? Here, let’s see if this breaks the light for @caryroys . . .

“I feel disgust when I see two black people kissing.”
“I feel disgust when I see two fat people kissing.”
“I feel disgust when I see two Jews kissing.”

That self-righteous “how dare you” bullshit, and unwillingness to question their own ability to not be a bigot doesn’t seem quite as apropos now, eh?


Seriously though, how do people like that go into the “but I’m a good person” rant while simultaneously continuing to be crap? You’d think that maybe at some point the idea that deeds are actually more important than words would sink in. If you’re nor going to try, people care about what you think of yourself slightly less than you might imagine.

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It’s a textbook example of cognitive dissonance, and we’re all subject to it. When faced with good evidence that what we believe isn’t true, it rears its ugly head. We all believe things that aren’t true. The best we can hope for is to recognize when we are facing valid counter evidence and doing our best to modify our beliefs accordingly, in order to believe the most true things and the fewest false things. At least, that’s pretty much how Matt Dillahunty puts it, and I agree.


I was born, grew up, moved away, moved back, & currently reside in Topeka, KS. Gay Hate Capital of the Westboro Baptist Church. I can tell you, personally, homophobes are sociopaths & I knew this before the age of 10. Truly the dregs of society.


Now I’m wondering which of the wombles* were gay.

*not to be mistaken with the WOMBLES

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Good question. There’s one of the later books where Bungo turns into a hippy and they have a festival in the park. Maybe Great Uncle Bulgaria, like Dumbledore? Donnish bachelor with a housekeeper? Well. We all know what that means… :slight_smile:
(ETA: anyone who remembers the Wombles and hasn’t already, should read The Borribles by Michael de Larabeitti, which is a brilliant satire on them, and one of the best kid’s books of its generation).


My visits there have always been short, but is Lawrence as nice as it seems? I spent most of my time downtown but between the coffee shops with rainbow stickers and the little store that sold Sigmund the whole place had a definite I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore vibe.

Regarding the post’s point that homophobia is correlated with a bunch of other rather negative attitudes, I just think of this TED Talk on the politics of disgust;


How dare you call me out on my obvious biases! Just because I have said openly womblist things in this thread is no reason to judge me! I am not womblist unless I say I am. Only I know my own heart and my own motivations for my actions, which cannot possibly be judged in a larger milieu or by wombles who have had the sharp end of it for years. Even though my words may be more or less interchangeable with what womblist others have said, I am a special snowflake of specialness. Just for your rudeness, I refuse to become a better person. If you want me to treat you with respect, you must get down on your knees and humbly, kindly beg for it. I need to be very comfortable at all times.


How about if I bring you some rubbish from the park? Or will that squick you out?

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Lawrence is a mixed bag. I’m not as much a fan as I was in the past. KU was voted most homophobic among state schools in Kansas. That’s generally how I perceived Lawrence, as well. Overpriced and marginally less hostile.

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Discussion here.

Readable page here.

Didn’t they try the reverse as a cure to homosexuality in the 50’s. I don’t think it worked very well.

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